19 October 2016 - 16:35
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Head of al-Azhar’s Islamic Research Centre:
Rasa – Shaykh Muhiyiddin Afifi said, “No Muslim is able to survive Salafis’ Takfirism since they excommunicate every Muslim group and sect, they call anyone other than themselves infidels whereas they are the ones who created most misgivings in Islam.”
Shaykh Muhiyiddin Afifi

RNA – In an interview with an Egyptian media outlet on Tuesday, October 18, Shaykh Muhiyiddin Afifi, the head of al-Azhar’s Islamic Research Centre, said, “The attacks by Egyptian Salafis against Shi’a minorities has intensified sectarianism and discord among Sunni and Shi’a sects in the country. Everybody knows that the Salafi stance regarding Shi’a Muslims is an aggressive and hostile one.”

He explained that it is forbidden to excommunicate any individual or group of Muslims because this act has certain conditions according to Islam, saying, “It is also a very sensitive and serious issue, considering the current dangerous conditions in the region, one comes to the conclusion that we must put an end to these sectarian measures which may cause rifts and discord in the Middle East.”


Shaykh Afifi added, “On the other hand, one must be cautious that no Muslim is likely to survive the Takfiris’ excommunication, since they are excommunicating every Islamic sect. They denounce other Muslims for creating misgivings in Islam whereas they are the ones who have created the most misgivings.”

It is noteworthy that Shaykh Yasir al-Barhami, leader of the Egyptians Salafists, announced Shi’as as the minority which has created the most misgivings in Islam, he also mentioned that Shi’a Muslims disagree with Sunni Muslims in critical Islamic issues.





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