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02 May 2019 - 04:07
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A least two US Army terrorists and 20 Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were killed in recent blasts and attacks on their military positions in the city of Raqqa.
RNA - A least two US Army terrorists and 20 Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were killed in recent blasts and attacks on their military positions in the city of Raqqa.


The US Army terrorists were killed in a series of blasts in Raqqa City, including a bomb blast hitting a US Army military vehicle, the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen TV network reported on Wednesday.

The report also noted that 16 SDF fighters were killed in attacks and explosions against their military positions and patrols in Fonoun school, Shahid Bassel Street, areas near al-Baladi stadium, al-Qattar Street and near Electricity Company in Raqqa City.

The recent blasts and attacks have sparked tensions in the region.


A large number of refugees incarcerated by the US-backed militants in al-Rukban Camp in al-Tanf region in Eastern Homs opened a way out and escaped from the camp.

Hundreds of people, most of them children and women, residing in al-Rukban refugee camp which is under the control of the US Army have crossed Jaligham crossing to reach areas under the control of the Syrian Army after fleeing al-Tanf region, local sources said.

There are around 40,000 to 60,000 people residing in al-Rukban Camp and about 2,500 of them have managed to leave the camp, Al-Watan quoted special sources as saying.

The sources said the exit of the civilians came after terrorists sought to block their departure from the camp.

The families who have escaped al-Rukban have confirmed lack of food and hygiene in the camp, adding that the US-backed terrorists keep people hungry and prevent their evacuation.

Based on media reports, the US troops that occupy a 55-km zone in Southern Syria block Russian and Syrian diplomatic and military officials from entering Rukban to provide people with humanitarian aid.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian Army and Air Force pounded and destroyed the ISIL's military positions in Eastern Badiyeh (desert) in Homs province as army continued reinforcing the government forces' military positions in the region.

The Syrian Army troops engaged in fierce clashes with the ISIL terrorists in the surrounding areas of al-Sukhneh desert and T2 Station in Eastern Homs.

The Syrian Army's artillery units backed by the country's Air Force launched massive attacks on the terrorists' movements in al-Sukhneh desert, Avirez dam, al-Mo'ayzaleh, Humiemeh-T2 Station and near the Homs-Deir Ezzur borders in Palmyra desert.

A military source, meantime, said that several positions and military equipment of the ISIL were destroyed and a large number of them were killed and injured.

The source pointed to the dispatch of hundreds of Syrian Army's troops to al-Sukhneh region and Bukamal and al-Mayadeen deserts in Deir Ezzur and Syrian Army's reinforcement of its positions on Deir Ezzur-Damascus Road, and said the Syrian Army is preparing for massive military operations against the ISIL in Badiyeh.

He also said that the Syrian Army is likely to kick off a major assault in different directions, including Sweida Badiyeh, Bukamal and al-Sukhneh in Eastern Homs.


The Syrian Army dispatched a large military convoy to deploy troops and equipment in different parts of Northern Hama as the terrorists intensified their attacks from the demilitarized zone and Ankara defies its terms under the Sochi Agreement.

The Arabic-language version of Russian Sputnik news agency quoted a Syrian military source as saying that the Syrian Army has sent massive military equipment to different regions in Northern Hama along the borders with the demilitarized zone.

It noted that the dispatch of military hardware and equipment have taken place in line with the Syrian Army's preparations for cleansing the region and restoring security to the towns of al-Saqilbieh, Mahradeh, al-Azizieh, al-Rasif and several towns bordering contact lines in Northern and Northwestern Hama.

The Sputnik noted that the terrorists' attacks on the Syrian Army's military points and safe zones in Northern Syria have been continuing in recent weeks.

The Arabic-language Al-Watan newspaper quoted Ankara-backed terrorists as saying that Turkey has completely abandoned the Sochi agreement by refraining from implementing it.

It pointed to Ankara's attempts to persuade Tahrir al-Sham terrorists to reinforce its military positions in the demilitarized zone and lack of commitment to the Sochi agreement, and said that Ankara has been involved in a recent move by the militants who blocked patrols by Russian and Turkish troops in Hama.

Also on Tuesday, the Syrian Army backed by the Russian Air Force warded off attacks by the ISIL and Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorist groups on Northern Hama, killing tens of them, the Arabic-language media reports said.

The Syrian Army troops engaged in fierce clashes with terrorists of Ansar al-Tawhid (affiliated to the ISIL) who had attacked military points in Qala al-Maziq in Northwestern Hama, killing and injuring over 20 others, the Arabic-language Russian Sputnik News Agency reported.

The report, meantime, said the Russian fighter jets pounded the military points and movements of the terrorists in al-Janabereh, Tal Havash and Qala al-Maziq, destroying several of their military positions and forcing others to retreat.

The Syrian Army's artillery units also pounded the movements of Tahrir al-Sham from al-Latamaneh and Hasrya towards military points in Northern Hama, inflicting heavy losses on them.

In Idlib, the Syrian Army troops also targeted Tahrir al-Sham's military positions near al-Bashirieh town to Northeast of Jisr al-Shoghour in Western Idlib, killing a number of Turkistani Party's terrorists.


The Turkey-backed terrorists continue to plunder the infrastructures and artifacts in Afrin in Northwestern.

According to Fars News Agancy, the local sources said that the Ankara-backed terrorists have begun excavations and diggings in different parts of Afrin to gain access to archeological works there.

The sources pointed to the terrorists' excavations in archeological sites and some ancient graveyards, including Tal Jandaris and Houri Nabi, with modern excavation machinery which has just come from Turkey, and said that the terrorists transfer Syria's artifacts to Turkey with the assistance of the Turkish authorities.

Syria's artifacts director general had previously warned against terrorists' attempts to plunder the archeological works from occupied regions in Northern Syria, including Manbij, Afrin, Idlib and Raqqa.

He had said that the Western countries, including the US and France help terrorists in plundering  Syria's artifacts.


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