Protests held across world to condemn Trump's anti-Iran policies
People across the globe have taken to the streets for an International Day of Action against war with Iran in condemnation of Washington’s warmongering with Tehran.
Trump’s gamble in assassinating Gen. Soleimani backfires: Opinion
Despite conflicting official statements by the Trump administration about the reason behind its decision to target Iran’s most celebrated military official, the US is adamant that its assassination of Qassem Soleimani and refusal to leave Iraq is about “protecting Americans”.
US senators push Pentagon on Syria strategy after withdrawal uproar, Gen. Soleimani's assassination
A bipartisan pair of senators is pressing the Pentagon for “clarity” on the US military mission in Syria.
Protesters urge Trump to ease tensions with Iran at Washington rally
Protesters marched in front of the White House in Washington DC on Saturday demanding the administration of President Donald Trump to ease tensions with Iran.
Veterans of Foreign Wars urges Trump to apologize over downplaying brain injuries
Veterans of Foreign Wars, an American organization advocating for military veterans, has called on President Donald Trump to apologize for downplaying brain injuries that were inflicted on the country's soldiers during Iran’s retaliatory strikes at a US base in Iraq.
New York Times pressing Trump to start war with Iran: Don DeBar
American journalist and political commentator Don DeBar believes the New York Times – “one of the most Zionist rags on the planet” -- is trying to compel US President Donald Trump to apply “maximum pressure” on Iran in order to start war with the country.
Tehran condemns US ‘harassment’ of Iranians at its borders
Iran has denounced “unconstitutional and inhuman” treatment of travelers of Iranian descent by US border guards, saying the American government holds responsibility for the harassment.
US border officers directed to stop Iranian-born travelers: Report
In an apparent about-face, an unnamed US Customs and Border Patrol officer says his colleagues working at Canadian border crossings have been directed to stop travelers of Iranian descent for questioning.
Trump’s travel ban imposed on nations not subservient to US: Analyst
US President Donald Trump’s travel ban is based on geopolitical reasons and imposed against countries that refuse to join America’s sphere of influence, says a political analyst in Virginia.
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