US death toll surges amid rush to build field hospitals
The US government raced on Tuesday to build hundreds of makeshift hospitals near major cities as healthcare systems were pushed to capacity, and sometimes beyond, by the coronavirus pandemic.
US Government Expects New Wave of Coronavirus in Fall
Health Expert:
The US authorities expect a new wave of the novel coronavirus infection to hit the country this fall, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who heads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
US lawmakers press Trump to lift Iran sanctions amid ‘borderless’ pandemic
Dozens of US legislators have written to top officials in the administration of President Donald Trump, calling for the suspension of economic sanctions against Iran, which is fighting, along with other world states, to contain a new coronavirus pandemic.
Can the United States decline peacefully?
Professor Atta-ur-Rahman from Pakistan recently argued in an interview that the coronavirus pandemic may have originated as a US bioweapon.
US sanctions aim to destabilize Iran: Analyst
US sanctions aim to destabilize the Iranian government and destroy the nation, according to Canadian writer and activist Mark Taliano.
Immigrant prisoners in US not considered full human beings: Analyst
The United States, which has the largest prison population in the world, has historically treated people in incarceration, especially immigrant prisoners, as less than human, says an American political commentator.
COVID-19 was produced in a US laboratory as bioweapon
A Pakistani scientist specializing in organic chemistry has said that the highly contagious novel coronavirus did not necessarily emerge naturally through mutation but rather may have been produced in a laboratory in the United States as a bioweapon.
Rise in mental distress after coronavirus outbreak
Suicide hotlines across the United States have been reporting new increases in the number of suicide calls since the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.
Top US general warns Pentagon against plan to 'destroy' Iraqi group
A top US general in Iraq has warned over a Pentagon’s secret directive, which called on US military commanders to prepare a campaign against Iraq's pro-government anti-terror Kata'ib Hezbollah group.