Fmr. US VP Biden calls for US sanctions relief on Iran amid coronavirus outbreak
Former US vice president and 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden has called on the Trump administration to immediately lift Iran sanctions which have hampered Iran’s efforts to curb the coronavirus.
US facing hunger crisis as coronavirus pandemic worsens
The US is facing a hunger crisis as the worsening coronavirus pandemic cripples the economy and triggers the highest unemployment on record, forcing an unprecedented number of Americans to resort to food banks for emergency supplies, according to a report.
New York as US 'microcosm': Body count mounts, medical supplies dwindle
The coronavirus pandemic’s mounting death toll besieged New York City morgues and hospitals struggled to treat thousands of infected patients on Thursday with a dwindling supply of ventilators and protective equipment.
US ‘sophist’ in claiming Iran free to import medicine: Analyst
A senior analyst believes the United States is completely false in claiming that Iran can freely import medicine to fight a new coronavirus pandemic despite a series of harsh sanctions that have affected the country’s economy.
Trump and his Zionist masters want to destroy Iran: Former US diplomat
US President Donald “Trump and his Zionist masters simply want to destroy Iran in any way they can,” says J. Michael Springmann, a former US diplomat in Saudi Arabia.
Pentagon Looking into Providing 100,000 Body Bags as US Covid-19 Cases Surpass 216,000 with +5,100 Deaths
The Pentagon is seeking to hand out 100,000 body bags as hospitals and morgues are overrun with coronavirus fatalities, and as the number of virus cases in the United States surpassed 216,000, with more than 5,100 victims.
Poll: Trump's Coronavirus Bounce Fizzles
More voters say the administration of President Donald Trump isn’t doing enough to combat the coronavirus outbreak, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.
Trump resists nationwide lockdown amid recession fears
US President Donald Trump has still resisted declaring a nation-wide stay-at-home order, leaving many concerned over his administration’s failure to halt increasingly tragic deaths from the coronavirus outbreak across the country.
Leaked documents show US military knew years ago coronavirus was coming
The Pentagon warned the administration of US President Donald Trump years ago about the threat of coronavirus and the subsequent shortage of medical equipment, according to a 2017 Pentagon plan obtained by The Nation.