US seeking to exploit coronavirus pandemic to commit ‘genocide’ in Iran
US President Donald Trump’s administration is exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to increase its domestic police powers, while also seeking to commit "genocide" against Iranians on behalf of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a political analyst and former US Senate candidate.
Trump’s Anti- Iran Presidency Is Doomed to Humiliation, Disrepute
Instead of easing up on Iran amid the coronavirus outbreak, the US has once again gone the opposite way, announcing yet another new round of sanctions against the country.
Senator Murphy calls on Washington to ease sanctions on Iran, Venezuela amid pandemic
An American senator has called on the US administration to ease economic sanctions against Iran and Venezuela as the restrictive measures are hindering the humanitarian response to the coronavirus pandemic in the countries.
Trump 'destroying more than we can ever rebuild': Reagan's daughter
The daughter of former US President Ronald Reagan has lashed out at President Donald Trump for what she describes as a disregard for the country’s democracy and the violation of US constitution.
US government is creating a climate of fear: Former US diplomat
The United States government is creating a climate of fear in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic, according to Michael Springmann, a Washington-based author and former US diplomat.
Bloodthirsty Pompeo, Republican neocons create suffering by sanctions: Analyst
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his fellow Republican neocons are “bloodthirsty” people that view sanctions as a “wonderful opportunity” to create suffering for Iran and various countries, says an American political commentator.
US has world's most confirmed coronavirus cases
The United States on Thursday took the grim title of the country with the most coronavirus infections and reported a record surge in unemployment as world leaders vowed $5 trillion to stave off global economic collapse.
US marks deadliest day in reported coronavirus deaths
The United States has reported over 200 new deaths from the coronavirus outbreak, marking the deadliest day since the pandemic began in the country.
Omar, Sanders, AOC, Warren, Pressley among lawmakers slamming US anti-Iran sanctions
Nine high-profile members of US Congress are calling on the Trump administration to end sanctions on Iran as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic.