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25 April 2020 - 21:17
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Mark Holland, a non-Muslim Canadian member of parliament representing the riding of Ajax-‎Pickering, is fasting during the month of Ramadan to support charity organization ‘Give 30.’‎

RNA – Mark Holland said he would be fasting for the sixth consecutive year. In one of the ‎previous videos, he has described his experience of fasting as ‘incredible.’ He has been ‎educating non-Muslims on the concept of Ramadan and fasting for 30 days through his ‎speeches in the Canadian parliament.‎

A non-Muslim Canadian MP Mark Holland from Ajax fasts in the month of Ramadan to ‎support charity organization ‘Give 30.’‎

He extended warm wishes to the entire Muslim population for Ramadan in his latest video. ‎Mark Holland said he would be fasting for the sixth consecutive year but would miss Iftars ‎with his Muslim friends this year due to preventive measures of social distancing against ‎coronavirus.‎

On Twitter, he wrote:‎

‎“Once again, this year I am proud to be fasting in support of @Give_30, a fantastic ‎charitable organization that directs the money people save from fasting to the local food ‎banks that help support our communities. This year, in the midst of #COVID19, the need is ‎greater than ever.”‎

Mark Holland explained Ramadan and the concept of fasting for 30 days to the Canadian ‎parliament in one of his previous videos. in his speech, he shared his personal experience of ‎fasting and the money he saved from it.‎

Social media users are widely sharing his videos in which he is talking about the month of ‎Ramadan and his goal to donate to charity ‘Give 30’ the amount he saves by fasting.‎

Why Mark Hollands fasts

Holland wished hundreds of thousands of Muslim Canadians celebrating Ramadan in a video ‎dating back to 2016.‎

He went on to add that, “Last year, I had the opportunity to fast for the entire period of ‎Ramadan. It is something I am going to do again in support of a charity called ‘Give 30.’ ‎People take the money that they save from fasting every day and give it to those in need, ‎particularly food banks.”‎

‎“When I fasted, it was an incredible experience to feel what it was like to be hungry. Of ‎course, I got relief at the end of the day, but for many children, unfortunately, in Canada ‎and around the world, that relief never comes. [Give30] allows reflecting upon that and using ‎the power of Ramadan to help others.”‎

In one of his previous interviews, he informed that a friend asked him to raise charity for the ‎organization Give 30- a food bank that takes the savings obtained from fasting during the ‎holy month of Ramadan and distribute among less fortunate people.‎

‎“I didn’t hesitate when I was asked if I would fast with the community as a show of ‎support,” Mark Holland said.‎

‎“As anyone who has fasted knows that that not eating during the day is difficult, but too ‎many don’t have a choice when it comes to deciding whether or not to eat and local food ‎banks play a vital role in helping those in need,” he further said.‎

To support the Muslim Community

He added that besides supporting a charity organization he fasts to express solidarity with ‎the Muslim community in Ajax.‎

‎“We are fortunate in Ajax to have an incredibly diverse Muslim population; the outpouring of ‎support from the community has been bewildering and incredibly touching,” Holland said.‎

‎“When I first fasted, I thought it would be a good way to raise some awareness about a ‎worthy charity doing admirable work,” added Mark Holland.‎

‎“I still fast in support of ‘Give 30,’ but also now it has served as a great bridge between ‎groups in our community,” added Holland.‎

He says since his election in 2015 he has been using parliament to educate non-Muslims on ‎Ramadan and what it is about.‎

‎“I have been given a platform that I hope I have been able to use to educate non-Muslims ‎about Ramadan and what it is about,” Mark Holland said.‎

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