09 July 2020 - 11:22
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Spouses’ relationships amid a pandemic:‎
On certain days, such as the spread of diseases, such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus), ‎couples and family members are more together than usual. How can we prevent marital ‎conflicts or family conflicts?‎

RNA – On certain days, such as the spread of diseases, such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus), ‎couples and family members are more together than usual. How can we prevent marital ‎conflicts or family conflicts?‎


Some people who are in the context of an emotional relationship believe that a good ‎relationship is a conflict-free relationship, while this is nothing more than a myth. Whether we ‎accept it or not, the principle of conflict in married life is inevitable. The experience of ‎incompatibility and conflict is one of the characteristics of being human or one of the ‎requirements of existence. ‎

In general, family conflicts are divided into three categories: conflict between parents ‎‎(spouses), conflict between parents and child or children and conflict between other family ‎members. ‎

The more connected people are, the greater the likelihood of conflict. Therefore, problems ‎and conflicts may peak during the days when people spend long holidays together, ‎especially in families that have had conflicts before.‎

However, the best way to temporarily control the situation and reduce conflicts is to plan to ‎stay out of the realm of discord or triggers. For example, the arrival of a three-year-old child ‎in the room of a thirteen-year-old brother and the disruption of his belongings upsets the ‎older brother. The trigger for this difference is the entry of a three-year-old child into the ‎room. He is unable to control his behavior in these situations, and usually a wave of family ‎conflict ensues. The trigger for this discrepancy is the entry of a three-year-old child into the ‎room. Therefore, making arrangements to do so could eliminate the conflict. For example, ‎we can entertain the child in another way or the door of the room will always be closed. ‎Another example is the difference between a father and a teenage daughter watching news ‎at 9 pm and watching a serial or a movie. If the father can watch the news at another time ‎or if the girl watches the serial or movie again at another time, the conflict will be resolved.‎

These days, parents (spouses) should plan their lives so that that the territory of the ‎members is protected and their sensitivities are not compromised. It can be said that each ‎person has set points in their psyche that will lead to an emotional and behavioural ‎explosion. Therefore, people should avoid the danger zone as muc has possible.‎

Given the potential for disruption in the family’s economic system and the declining incomes ‎of some families, all family members need to understand this situation and work with the ‎father or head of the household for economic management. In particular, a woman with ‎greater empathy for her husband and the use of marital skills can play an important role in ‎reducing mental pressure and stress caused by unemployment and lack of income for her ‎husband.‎

Make a list of necessary activities and a list of favourite activities for yourself and try to find ‎a common family schedule in the family. The goal of adherence to individual programs is to ‎preserve the territory and boundaries of family members. In the family, everyone has to ‎have a limit for themselves. That is, while it belongs to the "we" of the family, it also retains ‎its "I." If family members have dry and closed boundaries, we are dealing with a broken ‎family, something like cohabitation, and if the privacy of people is scattered and uncertain, ‎we are dealing with a tense family where people are very close and interdependent. The ‎boundaries between family members and the boundaries between parents and children ‎should be clear. In such families, the feeling of "being me" combined with the feeling of ‎‎"being us" is realized.‎

Adjust your bedtime, waking, and eating time according to the new conditions and the ‎agreement of the family members. To maintain the peace of the family, each person must ‎be engaged in personal work for a significant part of the time during the day and night and ‎not to have anything to do with other family members. To achieve this, take suggestions ‎from the following ideas and creatively engage family members:‎

• Plan for group and family games (search for old and new games on the Internet)‎
• Browse old pictures and family albums together, relive memories and reminisce.‎
• Be happy and make the home environment as happy as it is. Tell jokes to each other ‎and laugh together.‎
• Start writing memoires. The memories of a trip, an important event in life or even ‎daily affairs and moods and emotions (writing helps to empty one’s mind)‎
• Solve crossword puzzles, play dominoes or mind games that engage your mind.‎
• Make a list of your favourite novels or favourite books and enjoy reading at home ‎for long hours.‎
• If you know an art or craft, be sure to pay attention to it: painting, drawing, knitting, ‎crocheting, sewing, etc.‎
• Browse useful websites and get general information or information related to your job ‎or field of study.‎
• If you have a website, personal page, channel, group, etc., manage and organize it.‎
• Relax and meditate for a while during the day.‎
• Do home exercises and keep your body lively and active.‎
• Cook more yourself and order less from outside. make it. Make desserts, cakes, ‎pastries, family-friendly dishes, or snacks that you’ve been wanting for a long time, ‎but haven’t had a chance.‎
• Finally, keep in mind that quarantine can be one of the most memorable, purest and ‎different periods of life for those of you who follow the rules.‎

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