31 January 2019 - 08:31
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Rasa – According to Ayatollah Khamenei, it’s not permissible to “like” pictures of ‎women without hijab on social networks if it’s considered as confirming and promoting ‎falsehood and sin.‎

RNA – The following are the latest istifta’at (inquiries on religious matters) from Grand ‎Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.‎

Confirming the lack of hijab on social networks

Question: Is it allowed to “like” photos of women without hijab on social ‎networks? What is the ruling if the identity of the woman is not specified or if the ‎person is a non-Muslim?‎

Answer: If it’s considered as confirming and promoting falsehood and sin, it isn’t ‎permissible. ‎

Light makeup and hijab

Question: What is the ruling regarding a woman who wears light makeup while ‎wearing a hijab and covering her hair completely? Can a woman wear coloured contact ‎lens which don’t differ much from the (natural) colour of the eye?‎

Answer: That which is considered by custom to be adornment and makeup must be ‎covered in front of non-mahrams (unmarriageable kin).‎

Participation in congregational prayers

Question: Because of rational reasons, I don’t follow the imam as I don’t consider him ‎to be adil (just) and afterwards, I repeat the prayers (individually). If I am the connection ‎between the imam and those following him, is it obligatory to inform them that I will ‎repeat my prayers?‎

Answer: It isn’t necessary to inform them.‎

The earnings of a singer and musician ‎

Question: A person whose job is singing at a wedding, while singing along with lahwi ‎music which encourages others to dance, are his earnings problematic?‎
‎(Lahwi music is a sort of music that is common or suitable for frivolous gatherings and ‎carouses.)‎

Answer: If his singing or playing is a haram (forbidden) form of music, it’s not ‎permissible to receive any income for this work.‎

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Mohd Haider
02:50 - 2019/05/13
Salam alaikum , my question is that playing chess is haram or halal ?please give any answer with reason.
zishan hyder
21:56 - 2020/06/09
Ghulam Hasnain
03:43 - 2019/09/12
Is Mourning of the chest is halal?if yes then please explain it for my sunni friends.
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