Hujjat al-Islam ‎Saleh: The leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei has played an influential role in the emergence of the ‎new Islamic civilization
Imam Khomeyni’s School of Thought (2):‎
The deputy secretary-general of Bahrain’s Islamic Action Society said that Ayatollah ‎Khamenei’s religious authority had played an important role in the emergence of a new ‎Islamic civilization after the demise of Imam Khomeyni.‎
Shaykh Maher Hammoud: Imam Khomeyni reformed the theory of political Islam
School of Thought of Imam Khomeyni (1):
The Lebanese Sunni scholar stated that Imam Khomeyni reformed the theory of political Islam ‎and gave a new identity to the Islamic ummah.‎
Representatives should take Imam Khomeyni’s behaviour as their top priority
Ayatollah Khatami:‎
Referring to the coincidence of the beginning of the eleventh Islamic Consultative Assembly ‎and the anniversary of Imam Khomeyni's death, the member of the board of directors of ‎the Assembly of Experts said, “Representatives must follow the life-giving guidelines of the ‎late Imam and his behaviour.”‎
The triad of the people, army and resistance continues to stand against the Zionist regime
Lebanese Sunni Cleric:‎
Referring to the twentieth anniversary of the liberation of southern Lebanon, Shaykh Ahmad ‎al-Qattan said, “The triad of the people, the army and the Islamic Resistance continues to ‎stand against the arrogant Zionist regime.”‎
International al-Quds Day: A United Slogan from Palestine to Kashmir
Kashmiri Activist:
On the eve of al-Quds Day, Saif Ali Budgami emphasized the similarities between the Israeli ‎occupation of Palestine and the Indian occupation of Kashmir.
al-Quds Day is a day when we take time from our busy schedules to remember the ‎oppressed
Shaykh Shafiq Hudda:‎
The religious director of the Islamic Humanitarian Service in Canada said, “al-Quds Day is ‎a ‎very important day that we take to remember the Palestinian people and one of the ‎reasons ‎why I believe it is a very important day is because when we have busy ‎schedules throughout ‎the year we tend to be engaged in our own activities and work ‎and we often forget those ‎who are less fortunate and those who are in different parts ‎of the world and who may be ‎suffering throughout the year while we are still busy in ‎our day to day lives.”‎
al-Quds Day is the axis of the unity of the Islamic ummah
Sayyed Karar Hashmi:‎
A Kashmiri seminarian said that Imam Khomeyni awakened the conscience of humanity to ‎the issue of Palestine and made people aware of the atrocities of Zionism.‎
Predicting the destruction of the Zionist regime or the restoration of the reactionary Arabs
A look at the Egyptian series “al-Nihayah”:‎
Hujjat al-Islam Aref Ebrahimi examined the various dimensions of the Egyptian Ramadhan 2020 ‎television series “al-Nihayah” and noted that the reactionary governments are seeking to ‎restore their image.
Al Khalifah has resorted to unbridled crimes against the Bahraini people
Dr. Rashid al-Rashid:‎
A senior member of Bahrain’s Islamic Action Society stated, “The Al Khalifah is a dictatorial ‎family that has resorted to inhumane acts and unbridled crimes against the Bahraini people.”‎