Anti-terror hero Soleimani a ‘terrorist’? US ‘false life syndrome’ normal since 2003
Back in 2003 the words “quagmire” and “end game” were on everyone’s lips - 17 years later the world has been forcefully reminded that the Western war on Iraq has still not ended.
Why Israel seeks to start war on Gaza with strikes on Islamic Jihad leadership?
Israel has re-initiated its targeted assassination strategy for killing Palestinian leaders and perceived combatants, a move which was calculated to stir up regional tensions and potentially initiate a fourth large scale war with the Gaza Strip.
Why UN Doesn’t Like US
On September 26, US President Donald Trump delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly, once again preaching the concept of America First and denying the significance of globalization and international law.
US, Israel and the myth of Iranian nuclear threat
The Islamic Republic of Iran never attacked another nation, threatens none, never did, except to warn of harsh retaliation if attacked — its legal right under international law.
UN and Multilateral Diplomacy
The United Nations will be hosting six high level plenary meetings - unprecedented even by its own standards - during the beginning of the 74th session of the General Assembly in late September.
Afghanistan a Proving Ground for US Arms
Some 18 years into the war, and at a time when the people of Afghanistan seek the international community’s help for peace and prosperity, the Pentagon regime has found Afghanistan as a nice proving ground for a lot of different new military technology, hoping to show that new artificial intelligence efforts and cloud computing can make information-sharing in an occupation more efficient.
Who Is Responsible for Persian Gulf Security?
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says any military presence in the Persian Gulf from outside the region would be a “source of insecurity” for Iran, and Tehran would act to safeguard its security.
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