Pope urges removal of international sanctions against countries amid pandemic
Leader of the Catholic Church Pope Francis has urged removal of international sanctions against various countries in order to facilitate their efforts to curb an ongoing pandemic of the deadly new coronavirus, known as COVID-19.
Poll: More Than HALF of Britons Believe Government Reacted Too Slowly to Coronavirus
In a new survey published on Thursday, over half of those polled think Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government was too slow in implementing social distancing measures to halt the spread of Covid-19.
Coronavirus Quarantine Raises Fear over Domestic Violence as Millions in Europe Stay at Home
Panic is on rise over a surge in domestic violence with families across Europe confined to their apartments to curb the spread of the coronavirus which has killed thousands in the continent so far.
Coronavirus in UK: London Hospitals Facing 'Tsunami' of Patients as Death Toll Reachs 580
London hospitals are facing a “continuous tsunami” of coronavirus patients and some are likely to be overwhelmed in a few days, according to Chris Hopson, the Chief Executive of NHS Providers – which represents hospital bosses.
EU Warns of Difficult Situation in Iran amid US Sanctions, Coronavirus Epidemic
EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell warned that Iran is in very difficult conditions facing the US harsh sanctions and the coronavirus outbreak, saying that the block will send humanitarian aid to the country in the next few weeks.
FEMA Vows to ‘ATTACK Health, Safety’ of Americans in Chilling Slip as Trump Activates National Guard to Battle Covid-19
In an ill-timed blooper, immediately mocked as a Freudian slip, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standing alongside US President Donald Trump at a coronavirus task force briefing, promised a crackdown on Americans’ health and safety.
UK Gov't Urges End to Panic Buying as Virus Deaths Hit 233
The British government urged its citizens on Saturday to stop panic buying and stockpiling as shelves continue to be empty across the country amid the coronavirus outbreak.
Britain's NHS could be overwhelmed by coronavirus like Italy, PM Johnson warns
Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) could be “overwhelmed” by the coronavirus like the Italian health system in just two weeks, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned in the face of rising numbers of deaths.
EU Blasts US Sanctions against Iranian People
European Union Minister for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell in a phone conversation with Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized Washington for sanctions which have targeted the Iranian people’s health and life amid the coronavirus outbreak.
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