Growing calls for scrapping BBC license fee
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) finishes the year on a miserable note, as the latest polls show it is lagging behind other major British broadcasters in terms of popularity and acceptability.
Scuffles Erupt as Paris Protesters Rally Against Pension Reforms
Protesters marching against the French government's planned pension reform clashed with police in the capital, Paris, as police fired tear gas to disperse some of the groups.
Don’t let church failings drive you away from God
Pope on Christmas Eve:
Pope Francis has urged the world’s Catholics not to let the Church’s failings lead them away from “God’s love,” as the Catholic Church is plagued by sexual abuse and financial irregularities across the world.
Pope abolishes 'pontifical secrecy' for sex abuse investigations
Pope Francis has announced sweeping changes to the way the Roman Catholic Church deals with cases of sexual abuse of minors, abolishing the rule of “pontifical secrecy” that previously covered them.
Boris Britain to begin persecuting pro-Palestine BDS?
The UK’s newly elected conservative government is planning to pass a law making it illegal for any public bodies to engage with the pro-Palestine Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement.
French Pension Reform Commissioner Resigns Amid Protests
French Pensions Commissioner Jean-Paul Delevoye resigned on Monday following huge waves of protests against the pension system amendments that have been carried out across France.
Boris Johnson to pass bill making BDS illegal
The new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, is allegedly preparing to pass a bill which will outlaw advocacy for the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) against Israel, which will make it illegal for public bodies to engage with any group which participates in boycotts of the Israeli regime.
Germany: 187 Islamophobic Crimes Reported in Q3 of 2019
At least 187 Islamophobia-related crimes occurred in Germany, according to a report by the government.
Fiery Clashes as ‘Yellow Vests’ Revive Protests Across France
French police clashed on Saturday with anti-government protesters seeking to inject fresh momentum into demonstrations calling for social justice and the ousting of President Emmanuel Macron.