UK May Refuse to Extradite Wikileaks Founder to US Due to Spying Case
Assange's Lawyer:
The case of regular spying in the interests of US authorities may encourage the United Kingdom to refuse to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States, lawyer Aitor Martinez, who coordinates Assange's defense in Spain, said.
France preps for long fight as general strike hits weekend
France is headed for a weekend full of uncertainty and tension, as the nation realizes that their ongoing general strike is not going to end anytime soon.
UK's Johnson wins parliamentary majority, Corbyn to stand down
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says his government has got a "powerful new mandate" to deliver Brexit as his ruling Conservative Party won a huge majority in the parliamentary election, according to exit polls.
EU to discuss recognition of state of Palestine in January meeting
European Union foreign ministers are expected to exchange views next month on whether the 28-nation bloc should recognize Palestine as a sovereign state as the US pushes ahead with pro-occupation policies undermining the prospect of the so-called two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
US Sending 20,000 Troops to Europe for Largest Exercises Since Cold War
The United States will send 20,000 troops to Europe in May for the biggest military exercises on the continent since before the fall of the Berlin Wall, according to Reuters.
UK: Johnson Under Fire After Survey Shows Many Died in Emergency Waiting Rooms
Pressure mounted on Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson over Britain's National Health Service (NHS) on Tuesday, as a survey found thousands of patients die each year awaiting emergency hospital treatment.
British Muslims struggle to find decent candidates
Disgruntled Muslims in the English city of Birmingham claim to have found a political candidate worthy of receiving their support. The former-Labour turned independent candidate, Roger Godsiff, is fighting to win back his constituency, only this time, targeting the Muslim vote.
Luxembourg calls on EU to formally recognize Palestine in response to US policies
Luxembourg has called on all member states of the European Union to formally recognize Palestine in the wake of a recent statement from Washington that said the United States no longer viewed Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank as illegal.
Girl Wearing Headscarf Attacked in Eastern Germany
An 11-year-old girl wearing a headscarf was injured in a suspected racist attack by two far-right extremists in the Eastern state of Saxony, Germany on Sunday, according to local reports.