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28 March 2020 - 16:21
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Instead of easing up on Iran amid the coronavirus outbreak, the US has once again gone the opposite way, announcing yet another new round of sanctions against the country.

RNA - The latest US sanctions targeted a series of Iraqi and Iranian companies, which the US is accusing of having links to the IRGC. Two of the companies are in charge of maintaining the holy shrines!

Over the past few days the United Nations has has called for a sanctions ease to help get things back under control. The US has imposed three separate rounds of sanctions, and has dismissed the idea of any sanctions cuts.

The new sanctions are likely to fuel more tensions between the US and Iran, and Iraq probably isn’t going to be happy either.

However, if Iran continues to have total disregard for the United States, it's because the US has once again earned it. If the Trump administration does not like Iran’s disregard - rejecting help - it should redeem itself.

After signing the nuclear deal in 2015, Iran showed a new road to the US, including mutual trust and cooperation. Quite the contrary, it was the US - and not just under Donald Trump but also under Barack Obama -  that began throwing stones at Iran by refusing to fully commit itself to the historic deal.

Trump is desperate to convince the world that Iran is a threat. His talking point is filled with unutterable loathing, as in factual reality Iran is at the forefront of the reason why there is security in the Persian Gulf. Those who disregard this reality suffer the painful consequences.

President Trump has to stop upping the ante with economic terrorism, spying networks and military threats. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lies has come to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him.

If Trump is serious about fighting terrorism and ensuring security in the Persian Gulf, then the region will be needless of him since Iran is the best ally for its neighbours. They can take care of that. It’s the real obvious. Iran has never attacked any neighbour and the terrorist groups of ISIL, Al-Qaeda, and their off-shoots are all enemies of Iran.

Things are going south in the US amid the coronavirus and it takes a lot of effort for the Trumpsters to claim otherwise. If the past mistakes are any indication, if the recent news about the failure of US to contain the virus are true, and if you think about it, Trump is doomed to a domestic and foreign policy failure that will repeat itself again and again, as did all previous presidents, for US foreign policy delusions are static things, colonial readings of already written papers.

According to Fars News Agency, you can surely see by now that by doing the exact same thing his predecessors did, Trump’s anti-Iran presidency is doomed to this same humiliation and error.

It is wishful thinking, therefore, to expect the New York billionaire to analyse and correct America’s past mistakes regarding Iran before they paralyze his own future and legacy. He won’t kick out the past errors of the establishment foreign policy and whatever turns out to follow the populist right on an increasingly destabilized planet.

As previously, the past Iran policy mistakes, including CIA’s clandestine operations and regime-change fantasies, will repeat themselves and there’s so much more to come.

In the coming decades, count on one thing: Iran will continue to uphold that Trump’s America cannot be trusted at all, and that there is no change in its hostility toward Iran. The bottom line is that there is no advantage for Tehran to resume ties with war capital Washington, specially now that Iran has succeeded in disclosing the monstrous nature of the US political establishment to the whole world. As Washington continues to turn down the international community's persistent call for the removal of the sanctions on Iran, world nations that are experiencing the suffering of the coronavirus epidemic in ways similar to Iran can see for themselves that the White House has no care for the lives of citizens and wants to advance its objectives at the cost of the lives of thousands of Iranians.



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