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22 March 2020 - 08:28
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US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continue to pursue the policies of their internationalist banking overlords.

RNA - US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continue to pursue the policies of their internationalist banking overlords. These tools of Israel's founding families and the City of London are increasing economic pressures on Iran by imposing sanctions on five companies from the United Arab Emirates who purchased Iranian oil in 2019.

Internationally, oil is traded only in US Dollars which creates a demand for this currency despite the fact it is not backed by any tangible wealth and is created out of thin air by the same psychopathic criminals that finance the Trump administration, the Congress, the mainstream media, and most other influential institutions in the United States and elsewhere.

The goal here is to keep the US Dollar and other 'hard' currencies away from Iranian accumulation. By crippling Iran's economy, the desire of the globalists is to coerce regime change in Tehran and absorb the nation into a new world order run by these same pathological individuals. 

These psychopaths are now in a concerted effort around the world spreading the coronavirus, placing the global population in fear, and transforming human society as we know it. This operation is now changing the behaviors of millions of people around the world practically overnight, greatly disturbing the economy, putting people out of work, and softening their minds into a suggestible mode.

The next step is martial law and compulsory vaccines. The impending martial law will be the end of human rights and vaccines are a way to distribute chemicals that will help to reduce the population over time. 

The only way to stop this madness is awareness. Another focus that is very important is finding a way to get through to the millions of brainwashed individuals who are blind to the fact that government is not their friend and realize that most governments are tools of the global pathological elite.

Too many people are looking to government to combat this manufactured crisis called the coronavirus pandemic. Another strategy should be to try to somehow persuade the order followers that will physically carry out martial law to wake up to their crimes against humanity.

The elites need their mind-controlled goons to carry out these crimes and they need a brainwashed population to sit back and follow, without thought or resistance, the orders of their pathological masters.

Sociopolitical psychological studies have shown that about 85% of the human population are significantly suggestible to mind manipulation by governments or anyone seeking to control their behavior on a mass scale. 15% seem to be immune. The burden for those who wish to avoid a permanent dystopic future for humanity is to find innovative ways to deprogram large swaths of the population who see government and their controlled media as protective entities that have their best interest at heart. Knowledge is power...ignorance is slavery.     

Walt Peretto/Press TV


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