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23 February 2020 - 19:25
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Bernie Sanders:
Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has called the US democracy an "oligarchy where billionaires are buying elections."

RNA - Speaking to a crowd of supporters at his last rally ahead of the state's primary elections in Las Vegas on Friday, Sanders accused billionaires Republican Donald Trump and Democratic Michael Bloomberg of trying to buy the US presidency. 

"I do not believe in oligarchy where billionaires are buying elections. In the last couple of weeks Donald Trump has been out there with his billionaire friends, gets 150 thousand dollars a person for the Republican Party. You got Michael Bloomberg worth 60 billion dollars. Bloomberg has every right in the world to run for president; he has no right to buy the presidency."

Sanders reiterated that Trump is a liar, vowing to his supporters that he would beat him in the upcoming elections.

"We are going to defeat Donald Trump because the American people understand, no matter what their political views may be, that we cannot continue having a pathological liar as president," he said.

The leading Democratic presidential candidate pointed out that Trump, who was corrupt to the core, has been undermining the democratic values that the American nation stood for.

"[W]e cannot continue to have a corrupt administration, we cannot continue having a president who is undermining American democracy and our constitution."

Sanders described Trump as "a bully, who can't even get along with people that he appointed in his administration."

The senior politician pointed out that the Americans needed a seasoned statesman to replace Trump and fix the corrupt system installed by him. 

"We have got to get our priorities right. We need an economy and a government that work for all of us. Not just the one percent. But it is not just a rigged economy. The American people, regardless of their political views, understand that we have a corrupt political system. That's it. What our campaign tries to be is honest. To take the difficult issues and put them on the table, not hide them. I believe in democracy, which is one person, one vote."

The Democratic presidential candidate also pointed out that Michael Bloomberg, who is worth 60 billion dollars, "has every right in the world to run for president, he has no right to buy the presidency."

In the meantime, political analysts believe that the Vermont senator has a good chance of becoming not only the Democratic presidential candidate in the 2020 election, but also, replacing Trump by winning the next presidency.

“Bernie Sanders has a chance to actually win, assuming that the very powerful forces aligned against him, led by the billionaires, including the billionaire thugs in Saudi Arabia and their friends over in Israel are unable to find a way to cheat him of the White House,” US author, journalist and political analyst, Kevin Barrett, told Press TV.


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