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07 December 2019 - 19:58
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The US fighter jets do not target the ISIL terrorists' hideouts in al-Anbar province in Western Iraq, a security source at Hashd al-Shaabi (popular forces) command center said.

RNA - The source told the Arabic-language al-Ma'aloumeh news website that the US fighters in Northern al-Anbar near the province of Saladdin close their eyes on the ISIL moves and its negative impacts on the province's security and stability.

"The US fighters fly for a long time over these regions but they refrain from bombing the ISIL centers," a move that runs counter to the US forces' main excuse for their presence at Ein al-Assad airbase, he said.

In relevant remarks in September, Another high-ranking Iraqi security source said that the US Army continued its support for the ISIL terrorist group in Southwestern Kirkuk (Center of Iraq).

The US Army troops stationed in Iraqi Army’s Division 14 Command Headquarters have warned the Iraqi troops not to bombard the ISIL’s military positions in Makhoul mountainous region, the source noted.

He told al-Ma’aloumeh that the US troops had also warned the Iraqi Army not to conduct any ground or air operations in the mountainous region and its surrounding areas against ISIL.

The US Army troops have supported the ISIL terrorists many times before in Syria and Iraq and Head of Badr Organization has recently accused the US Army troops of a plan to construct a crossing for passage of the ISIL terrorists in Western Iraq.


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