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16 July 2019 - 20:45
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US and European figures, including President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, have attended an annual conference held by anti-Iran Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorists in Albania.

RNA - Giuliani addressed the event held at the terrorist group's Ashraf 3 headquarters in Tirana on Saturday, calling for regime change in Iran and defending Trump’s confrontational policies toward Tehran.

“I’m proud of my government to tear up that nuclear deal,” he said, referring to Trump's withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Other US politicians addressing the meeting included former Pennsylvanian Governor Tom Ridge, who also served in George W. Bush’s White House in the Department of Homeland Security.

Former FBI director Louis Freeh, former US House Representative for California Dana Rohrabacher and former US House Representative for Texas Ted Poe also took turns to rant against Iran.

The US officials all called for regime change in Tehran and expressed their support for the MKO which is widely detested in Iran because of its history of betrayals and crimes. 

Trump has said his administration is not seeking regime change in Tehran but Iranian officials have rejected the claim, saying the US would have definitely done so if it could.  

Addressing the gathering, former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman supported Trump’s hostile policies, praising him for pulling Washington out of the nuclear deal and reimposing sanctions on Iran.

Regular faces in the terror group’s meetings also include US National Security Adviser John Bolton, former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, and former Saudi Arabian spy chief Prince Turki al-Faisal.

A November 2016 report by US-based magazine Politico revealed that a number of Trump’s top nominees for sensitive national security posts had accepted money from the notorious terror group.  

The MKO is listed as a terrorist organization by much of the international community, but it enjoys backing in some European capitals as well as the United States. 

According to the British daily The Guardian, the MKO is known to rely on busing refugees and young eastern Europeans to fill up its lavish events in Europe, where most of the group's members are known to reside.

Massoud Khodabandeh, a former high-ranking MKO, once claimed that officials of the Saudi spy agency gave the MKO three tons of solid gold and at least four suitcases of custom Rolex watches.

The MKO has a dark history of assassinations and bombings against the Iranian government and nation. It notoriously sided with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in his eight-year war against Iran in 1980s.

Out of the nearly 17,000 Iranians killed in terrorist assaults since the Revolution’s victory, about 12,000 have fallen victim to the MKO’s acts of terror.

MKO praised US downing of Iran Air 655: FBI

A new report by the FBI revealed that the San Diego branch of the terrorist group had applauded the USS Vincennes' downing in July 1988 of the Iran Air flight 655, which killed all the 290 people on board. 

“The San Diego MEK chapter does not blame the US but rather applauds the event as it serves to 'bloody the nose of Iran' and cause greater disharmony between the US and Iran. Either case is seen by them to benefit the MEK's cause,” the July 28 San Diego FBI field office communication stated, using an alternative acronym for the terror group.

According to the classified documents, the San Diego branch of the MKO also promoted conspiracy theories that the downing of the airliner was an Iranian propaganda operation.

“The San Diego MEK appears to generally believe that bodies recovered from the crash site were planted either aboard the jet before a suicide mission or were planted at the scene by design.”

According to Press TV, the group is further known for its reliance on fake social media profiles to wage a misinformation campaign against Iran.

Leaked images, published by Iran's Khorasan newspaper earlier this week, revealed for the first time part of the terrorist group's secretive social media influence campaign targeting Farsi, English and Arabic-speaking users on social media.


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