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26 May 2019 - 00:43
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Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah:‎
RNA – Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, delivered ‎a speech on Saturday, May 25th, the anniversary of Resistance and Liberation Day.‎

RNA – Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, delivered ‎a speech on Saturday, May 25th, the anniversary of Resistance and Liberation day.‎

Sayyid Nasrallah tackled regional and internal files including the upcoming Bahrain Summit, ‎localizing the Palestinians in Lebanon, the strength of the Islamic Resistance Axis, the return of the Syrians to ‎their country, and internal files.‎

His Eminence called for wide participation in International al-Quds Day which is held ‎annually on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, stressing that this day is of great ‎significance this year because of the efforts being made to put an end to the Palestinian ‎cause, specifically during the upcoming Economic Conference in Bahrain.‎

He greeted the Palestinian’s united stance to boycott and refuse this conference and praised ‎the Bahraini people, scholars, and political powers’ stances that condemned the country’s ‎decision to be the first to embrace the “Deal of the Century” which aims at putting an end to ‎the Palestinian cause.‎

‎25 May 2000: Resistance and Liberation Day‎
‎ ‎
Sayyid Nasrallah greeted everyone who was part of this victory by sacrificing, staying ‎patient, supporting and aiding.‎

‎“We should remember the families of the martyred and injured, Lebanese factions, security ‎forces, army, Palestinian factions, and the Syrian army and keep in mind that Iran and Syria ‎are the ones who stood by our side and they are our companions in victory,” he said.‎

The Hezbollah Secretary-General assured that one of the major outcomes of this victory was ‎the “Equation of Strength” in Lebanon because the Israeli enemies had to pull back without ‎any victories or conditions.‎

‎“Lebanon was no longer regarded as the weak ring in the Arab-Israel conflict, and today the ‎Israeli enemies states that in Lebanon there is a “strategic or central threat against Israel,” ‎he noted. ‎

He added, “Just like the enemies are aware of this strength, the Lebanese people should be ‎aware of its importance in order to sustain their country’s sovereignty and safety and in ‎order to protect it. This what forms the golden equation of the ‘army, people and ‎Resistance.’”‎

‎“If it weren’t for the resistance and liberation in 2000, Trump would’ve granted the south of ‎Lebanon or other parts of it to Israel, just like he did with al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the Golan ‎Heights,” Sayyid Nasrallah said, reassuring holding on to “Shebaa Farms, Kfar Shuba hills and ‎the Lebanese part of al-Ghajar village.”‎

Localization in Lebanon

Concerning localizing immigrants in Lebanon, His Eminence said, “We suspect that the ‎economic summit in Bahrain will be opening the door for the localization of immigrants in ‎Lebanon and other countries. The Lebanese agree on refusing localization politically and ‎constitutionally, and the Palestinians as well agree on refusing localization and holding on to ‎their right of return.”‎

Sayyid Nasrallah called for “A meeting between Lebanese and Palestinian officials to put a ‎joint plan on how to face the danger of localization because the threat is approaching and ‎statements are no longer enough.”‎

Syrian Refugees’ Return

The Secretary-General of Hezbollah pointed out, “The real reason behind delaying the return ‎of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon to their country is political and it is related to the ‎presidential elections in Syria because the presidency of Bashar al-Asad will end in 2020 or ‎‎2021, and there is an American, Western, and the Persian Gulf powers’ insistence on keeping ‎the refugees away from their countries until then. There are no humanitarian or security ‎reasons behind postponing the refugees’ return to Syria and claims about that are just ‎rumours.”‎

Sayyid Nasrallah further stated that “al-Asad has confirmed to me that he supports the return ‎of everyone to Syria and is ready to offer facilitation, but the obstacle is political. Should ‎Lebanon submit to this political obstacle only because the United States, the West, and the ‎Persian Gulf powers want that?”‎

Battle Against Corruption Files

His Eminence stressed Hezbollah’s commitment to fight corruption, reiterating that this needs ‎time and patience, and it is even harder than the battle of liberating the south.‎

He indicated that the ministers are doing their jobs and have not found corruption in the ‎Ministries of health and sports, and called on everyone who has information or data against ‎these two ministries to propose them so that action would be taken.‎

On another hand, Sayyid Nasrallah stated that “budgeting discussions have been our priority ‎because it is a major point in the process of fighting corruption and stopping financial ‎waste.”‎

Source: al-Manar TV


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