31 January 2019 - 08:12
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Rasa – With a speech by the Supreme Leader’s representative in Syria, the Fourteenth ‎Annual Conference of Muslim Scholars began in Damascus, entitled “The Role of the ‎Scholars in the Authentication of the Concept of the Homeland and the Preservation of ‎the Homeland.”‎

RNA – The opening session of the Fourteenth Annual Conference of Muslim Scholars, entitled “The Role of the Scholars in the Authentication of the Concept of the ‎Homeland and the Preservation of the Homeland” began on January 30th with a speech ‎by Ayatollah Sayyed Abolfazl Tabatabai-Ashkezari, the representative of the Supreme ‎Leader of the Islamic Revolution (Ayatollah Khamenei) in Syria.‎

It is worth mentioning that this one-day conference has begun in Damascus with the ‎participation of about 500 Shi’ah and Sunni scholars from throughout the Islamic world, ‎including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain, Iraq and Iran.‎

Some ten prominent scholars will deliver speeches while two sessions will be held, in ‎which some thirty clerics will participate.‎

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the conference, Ayatollah Tabatabai-Ashkezari ‎welcomed Syria as the host of the conference and after thanking the guests, he said, ‎‎“Today, the importance of the issue of the approximation of religions has become more ‎and more visible and this conference is being held every year in order to achieve this ‎important objective.”‎

He said, “The policy of the Syrian president, Bashar al-Asad, and before him, the late ‎Hafidh al-Asad, have been based on resistance against the Zionists and the occupiers, ‎and in this regard, the Syrians have always supported their government. Just we have ‎seen throughout this bloody war in which sedition was imposed on the country, Syria ‎resisted with the assistance of its people and its wise commanders. Today, we are ‎witnesses of a regional liberation with the liberation of region after region of Syria ‎‎(from the occupation of terrorists) such that the United States has begun to retreat due ‎to fear.”‎

He added, “In this victory, we must not forget the Islamic Resistance and the blood ‎of ‎the martyrs who turned Syria into a desert that devours every enemy.”‎

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