al-Mayadeen releases Martyr General Soleymani’s letter penned to al-Qassam commander
Lebanon-based ‘al-Mayadeen’ TV Network Channel released a letter penned by ‎martyr Lieutenant General Qasem Soleymani to Muhammad Dhayf, the commander of ‎Hamas’s Izzuddin al-Qassam Brigades, before his martyrdom.‎
Coronavirus cases exceed 88,000 in Iran
The number of people infected with COVID-19 in Iran has surpassed ‎‎88,000, of whom more than 66,000 have fully recovered from the disease, the Health ‎Ministry spokesperson said.‎
UN chief urges religious leaders to unite in fight against COVID-19
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called on religious leaders of all faiths to join forces, work for peace promotion across the world and focus on the common battle to contain the deadly new coronavirus, known as COVID-19.
UN chief warns of biological terrorist threat amid pandemic
The head of the United Nations has called for unity among Security Council members, warning that the coronavirus pandemic could pose a threat to world peace or trigger opportunistic biological terrorist attacks.
Amid world suffering, activists promote ‘Promised Savior’ hashtag
As dire conditions beset the international community, Internet activists begin advertizing a hashtag promoting the religious prophecy that a savior would resurrect at some point in time and relieve the world of its suffering.
Church services across world going ahead despite pandemic warnings
Churchgoers in many countries of the world ignore physical distancing advice and keep holding religious services despite the coronavirus pandemic, a report says.
Is coronavirus a weapon of biological warfare?
The devastating spread of the deadly coronavirus across every continent has triggered a debate: what if the virus was really a biological weapon?
Iran, Several Countries Send Joint Letter to UN Chief to Pressure Sanctions Removal
Iran and a number of countries sent a joint letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urging him to pressure US to waive unilateral sanctions against certain countries as the world is grappling with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.
COVID-19: The US’ biological weapon against the world
IRIB documentary “The Silent War”:
The documentary “The Silent War” is a narrative of the United States’ biological war against countries around the world and, despite claims that this program has been halted, several biological attacks on various countries have been recorded in the history of the crimes of the United States.
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