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01 January 2020 - 12:17
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The British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, is funded by the British public through a mandatory license fee tax. Yet a new poll conducted by Public First found that 74 percent were in favor of scrapping the license fee. The figure was even higher at 78 percent for those aged 18-24.

RNA - A separate poll by Savanta ComRes found that the BBC lagged four points behind ITV news over perceived impartiality and accuracy of its news coverage. This data coupled with the British prime minister's comments just before the election show that the future of the BBC, at least in its current format, may be in doubt. 

Many left-wing labor party supporters are particularly frustrated with BBC's coverage with regards to the incumbent labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

In fact, a petition with over 22,000 signatures has sprung up demanding to quote 'Stop the anti-Corbyn bias on the BBC', with many leaving their angry comments about below.

The Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Andy McDonald, a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn claimed that the BBC should take some responsibility for the Labor party's crushing defeat in the British general election on December 12th. 

The BBC has also been criticized from the right with conservative author Charles Moore accusing the BBC of anti-Brexit bias and claiming the channel preaches to the British public and tells them what they ought to think about things.

With concerns coming from the left and the right surrounding the BBC's coverage and its so-called impartiality and with the British prime minister publicly questioning the license fee tax and saying he would look into scrapping it, some in the BBC offices may be alarmed about what lies in the future for their organization.


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