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13 September 2019 - 11:41
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RNA - The firing of John Bolton as Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser will not change US foreign policy as he served more as a foil for the US president than his right-hand man. Bolton, the outspoken interventionist, contrasted sharply with Trump who got elected promising to end US entanglement in foreign countries affairs.

For all his fiery rhetoric Trump contravened conventional diplomacy and some sacred shibboleths of US foreign policy. Much to the chagrin and alarm of both neo-cons and neo-liberals alike Trump has advocated for a restoration of normal relations with Russia, has negotiated directly with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and backed away from military confrontations with Iran and Venezuela. Bolton’s influence, however, helped fan the flames of the US-China trade war and his behind the scenes manipulations are thought to have helped scuttled previous agreements between the US and China. A case can be made that Bolton also attempted to scuttle the potential for a comprehensive settlement of the Korean crisis. The latest debacle surrounding peace talks in Afghanistan with the Taliban was also most likely sabotaged by Bolton’s behind the scenes maneuvering.

Although Bolton has been on the outs within the Trump administration for some time the Afghanistan fiasco seems to have been the last straw. Bolton has been adamant in his opposition to the Afghan peace talks and their collapse served to solidify Trump’s desire to once again clear the deck of anyone opposed to his idiosyncratic foreign policy.

As regards to the Middle East, Trump is surrounded by a cabal of Zionists who do Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bidding. Other than avoiding a direct military clash with Iran, there is little prospect for change in Trump’s policies in the region. The possibility of some form of negotiations with Iran a la North Korea may, however, have increased somewhat with Bolton out of the picture.

Yet, Trump himself and those around him are still hell bent on maintaining US global and regional hegemony, it’s just how to go about it that differs from his critics. Trump is all in favor of using sanctions and other economic means as a tactic to force other countries to succumb to US demands. He sees this as a means to weaken his opponents so they will be willing to make a deal. Trump figures that once they have been sufficiently weakened economically they will come to the negotiating table hat in hand groveling for favors. Thus, according to Trump China, North Korea, and Iran are all chaffing at the bit to settle with him on his terms.

A reality check, however, shows the exact opposite. Trump’s opponents have simply buckled down and refused to submit, causing him to eventually turn tail and look for an out, in order to preserve his own self-image. Bolton’s ouster is in keeping with Trump’s determination to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Dennis Etler/Press TV


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