29 August 2019 - 16:14
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Vice-Chancellor for Research at Tehran’s Imam Sadiq University:
Sayyed Mojtaba Emami referred to the lost spirituality among mankind in the current era and said, “As a spiritual magnet which is greater than interreligious dialogue, Arba’in can find the lost people among humanity.”

RNA – Speaking at a specialized conference entitled “Husayn in Christian Thought: The Symbol of Unity” which was held at Tehran’s Imam Sadiq University, Sayyed Mojtaba Emami, the vice-chancellor for research at Tehran’s Imam Sadiq University, said, “With the development of the study of the Arba’in pilgrimage from the perspective of world religions, the social sciences and the humanities have produced very good literature in the present era.”

He considered it important and necessary to translate this literature into various languages and artistic and media formats and to engage in the building of culture and said, “It has been more than two decades that the literature of dialogue between religions has become prevalent in the world in regard to this issue such that various religions can come together and not fight each other.”

Sayyed Emami added, “I saw many universities in the West devoting their specialization to interreligious discourse. The Arba’in pilgrimage and the experience of the monotheistic world goes far beyond interreligious discourse.”

He said, “Today we have reached a much deeper layer called spiritual experience. Islam, Christianity and other divine religions have the potential to benefit from one each others’ spiritual experiences and this doesn’t necessarily have to go from one religion to another.”

He described the Arba’in pilgrimage as an unparalleled opportunity for mankind to have a spiritual experience today, which is extremely thirsty for spirituality and added, “This beautiful and great spiritual experience can bring all religions together and they can enjoy the spiritual capacity of Arba’in. The route to Karbala is sacred and is a spiritual magnet and if the people of the world become aware of it, they would seek to experience this journey of spiritual acquisition and intuition.”

Sayyed Emami considered the discovery of the relation of the pilgrimage to Arba’in with other religions as very important and stated, “It’s necessary to share the common spiritual experiences of the pilgrimage of Imam al-Husayn, who painted the pure truth of love in the world with his noble blood, with everyone.”

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