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12 August 2019 - 21:38
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The political actions of the Saudi regime in regard to the Hajj pilgrimage has prevented the ‎Muslims of Qatar from participation in the rituals of the Hajj. ‎

RNA – Due to the fact that Qatar, with the help of several regional parties, including Turkey ‎and Iran, succeeded in overcoming the blockade by Saudi Arabia and its allies, the House of ‎Saud is outraged and is currently taking revenge against Qatari citizens.‎

The House of Saud is using the Hajj pilgrimage as a tool against Qatar by preventing Qatari ‎Muslims from performing the divinely-ordained Hajj rituals for the second consecutive year.‎
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The political actions of the Saudi regime disrupted the space between Rukn [Corner] and the ‎Maqam [Station of Abraham] and the Muslims of Qatar were denied access to these two ‎sacred sites and were deprived of performing the Hajj.‎
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Saudi Arabia continues its vicious allegations by refusing to host Qatari Muslims and has ‎prevented them from entering the Land of Revelation for the second consecutive year.‎

In response to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Qatar’s National Human Rights ‎Committee earlier expressed its readiness to serve the Qatari pilgrims and declared that this ‎was a formal matter and no practical steps had been taken in this regard.‎

The 2017-2019 Qatar diplomatic crisis began in June 2017, when Saudi Arabia, the United ‎Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, the Maldives, Mauritania, Senegal, Djibouti, the Comoros, ‎Jordan, the Tobruk-based Libyan government, and the Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi-led Yemeni ‎government severed diplomatic relations with Qatar and banned Qatari airplanes and ships ‎from utilising their airspace and sea routes along with Saudi Arabia blocking the only land ‎crossing.‎

The Saudi-led coalition cited Qatar’s alleged support for terrorism as the main reason for ‎their actions, insisting that Qatar has violated a 2014 agreement with the members of the ‎Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Saudi Arabia and other countries have criticized Al Jazeera ‎and Qatar’s relations with Iran. ‎

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