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24 April 2019 - 18:07
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The member of the Pakistani Shiite Scholars Council:
The member of the Pakistani Shiite Scholars Council described Imran Khan’s visit of Iran as favourable and stated, "this trip will pave the grounds for the improvement of the relations between two countries.

RNA - Hujjat al-Islam Farihat Javadi, the member of the Pakistani Shiite Scholars Council, and the prominent Pakistan clergy, called Imran Khan’s visit of Iran as promising, and mentioning that enemies of Iran and Pakistan mayn’t regard this trip as favourable, he said, “the enemies of two countries much attempted to hinder this trip, yet they failed and the diplomatic attempts of the two countries fruited and the visit was made”.

Hujjat al-Islam Javadi, pointing to the terrorist event occurred in the Pakistani Baluchestan as pre-arranged and stressed, “The enemies’ hiring the terrorists and conducting terrorist operations targeted the sincerity of the heads of Islamic Revolution, but their attempts failed”.

Saying that Tehran attempts to develop its ties with its neighbours in order to defeat the American plots through economic cooperation, he stated, “Pakistan, as the most populated neighbour of Iran, has long had close ties with Iran and has some good potentials, and two countries can use such capacities the best”.

Saying that Saudi Arabia attempts to destroy the relations between Iran and Pakistan, he added, “the increase of the tensions between Pakistan and Iran eases the fulfilment of the targets of the Saudi Arabia and the friendship between these two countries is a cause of anger to House of Saud”.

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