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22 April 2019 - 23:34
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Lebanese cleric:
Lebanese cleric, saying that the Resistance has defeated the enemy many times in different years, pointed out that some have forgotten the enmity of the occupiers.

RNA - The deputy secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hujjat al-Islam Naeem Qasim, making a speech among some state and international officials, including the ambassador of Iran to Beirut said, “the birthday of Imam Zaman (AS) is a day among the Heavenly days and we emphasize on Imam Zaman (AS) holding some celebrations on the birth of Imam Zaman and our obedience to him.”

He said, “Though the world has become replete with heresy and deviants, the combatants and martyrs have achieved multiple victories and maintained the flag of Imam Mahdi (AS) raised”.

The deputy secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah reiterated, “unfortunately some have forgotten that Israel is the origin of terrorism in the region and world, and observing the history and enmity of this regime, none can approve of it. The Resistance Front has defeated the Zionist Regime in 1996, 2000 and 2006”.

He added, “The threats of Israel and the US doesn’t fear the members of the Resistance Axis, but double their strength and determination. The occupied lands wouldn’t be freed and the Zionist Regime and the ISIS group wouldn’t be pushed back in the absence of the Resistance Front”.

Sheikh Naeem Qasim finally stressed, “The Resistance Front has three dimensions of Army, People and Resistance”.

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