06 March 2019 - 16:43
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Leader's Military Aide:
Top Military Aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi asserted that the US power is fading away and it has lost its status as the world's superpower.

RNA - “The US’ power is declining, and Americans know they are weakened and are no longer the world’s superpower; they would have overthrown the Assad government if they were still able to,” Rahim Safavi said, addressing a forum in Tehran.

The world is moving toward political multilateralism and a polarization of power, he said, adding “On one side of the pole is China, Russia and India, and on the other side, which Europeans and Americans do not want to talk about, is the emerging power of the Islamic world.”

Elsewhere, General Rahim Safavi said US President Donald Trump seeks to commercialize security in the region and the world.

“(Trump) has told some regional Arab states that if they want the US to continue its presence in the region and protect their security, they must pay the costs,” he added.

“The entirety of Trump’s strategy in the region and the world is to the American government’s economic benefits and against the security and political independence of nations,” Rahim Safavi added.

“Venezuela's problems and US interference in the fate of Venezuelan people, which is contrary to the international law, is one of these issues,” he said, adding “This is while Mr. Trump is still unaware that the era of superpowers and domination over other governments and nations has long passed.”

According to Fars News Agancy, in relevant remarks on Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined that the recent events and developments indicated that the US had lost its previous power and hegemony over the world.

"The US president said that 'we should travel to Iraq with lights off while we have spent $7 trillion in the country' and the reason is nothing but end of the US hegemony over the world," Zarif said, addressing a conference in Tehran.

"The centers of power in the world have multiplied and the important decisions are not merely made in the West," he added.

Zarif also said that Iran had not depended on others since the Islamic Revolution, did not accept hegemony of others and was not after hegemony over others either.


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