03 February 2019 - 08:55
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Representative of Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine:‎
Rasa – Naser Abu Sharif said, “The Zionists want to dominate over the Palestinian territories ‎and this issue begun 100 years ago and the biggest obstacle to them is the Palestinian ‎people.”‎

RNA – The first one-day session of the symposium on “Review of the Strategies For ‎Combatting Zionism,” with an emphasis on cultural struggle and soft war, was held ‎in the ‎conference hall of Rasa News Agency in Qom.‎

Naser Abu Sharif, the representative of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, referred to ‎the enemies’ attempts to settle the Palestinian issue, stressing, “The nature of this is clear to ‎everyone that this in the interest of Israel.”‎

He said, “They want to dominate over the Palestinian territories and this issue begun 100 ‎years ago and the biggest obstacle to them is the Palestinian people.”‎

Abu Sharif stressed that Israel faced two issues in regard to Palestine and said, “One was the ‎occupation of Palestinian land and the other was the Palestinian people. We must not forget ‎the assistance of the American forces in this regard. Of course, the United Kingdom also had ‎a large role in the establishment of this cancerous tumour.”‎

He said, “In 1948, two-thirds of the Palestinian people were expelled and 78% of the land ‎was occupied by Jews. In fact, this issue was provided to Jews through land laws or a ‎plenipotentiary British representative.”‎

Abu Sharif recalled, “They expelled 8,000 people from the Palestinian territories and while ‎they occupied only 5% of the Palestinian land before 1948, they invaded the Sinai peninsula ‎in 1956 and after their defeat in this war [Suez Crisis], they reoccupied the Sinai and the ‎West Bank.”‎


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