28 August 2018 - 22:47
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Rasa - The White Helmets, a shady group heavily funded by the US and British governments, are set to have a new area of operation after being kicked out of Eastern Ghouta in Syria.
False Flag Flashback: The White Helmets Admitted to Staging a Terror Video in 2016

RNA - They are now relocating north, into terror territory there, to try to get involved, more specifically in staging new chemical attacks that as always they will later blame them on the Syrian government forces, hence justifying yet more US airstrikes against the war-torn country.


Per usual, with a Syrian government offensive against terror-held Idlib looming, the White Helmets will likely be called upon again to provide play-by-play accounts that fit in the American-Israeli-Saudi narrative. In the meantime, it means serving as volunteer workers for terror groups like Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front. They have even been seen in the Afrin district, “whitewashing” other crimes and atrocities in the name of humanitarian assistance and democracy. On that note:


- It is hard to underestimate the paucity of objective information coming from the US-led war on Syria. The illegal war has its propaganda machine feeding media sources again - from Israeli and Saudi media’s largely false assertions that the Syrian government drops chemical bombs on its own people for no reason at all to “fakestream” media’s claim in the United States that Moscow is trying to hide its own role in the attack.


- The world public never believes information from the White helmet proxies of Washington, or the Qaeda-allied rebels, or the media opposition dominated by terrorist groups. The lack of American media’s unbiased information is the case in the recent images we saw from apparent chemical attacks in places like Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib province.


- The Israeli and Saudi regimes have been helping the US and its terror proxies to overthrow Syria’s government since the beginning of the conflict – through provocations and bombs, and in alliance with others in NATO. After deceiving Russia at the UN to get the go-ahead to regime change Libya, the global criminal syndicate - with Saudi Arabia and Israel helping from behind - assumed that regime change in Damascus would also be a cakewalk. They misjudged everything. Because of the allied forces of Iran, Russia and Hezbollah, this never came to pass. They are still not sitting on their hands, mind.


- Despite the failed regime change campaign, the cronies are still supporting the colonial agenda. By helping the US to draft anti-Syria resolutions at the UN Security Council, these regional supporters of Qaeda-allied terrorists are still calling for more bloodshed after seven years of failed military campaign. Because of their arms and Syria bashing at the UN, cronies like White Helmets are still wandering in parts of Syria – determined to carry out chemical attacks in the name of Damascus. 


From one side, militants in more regions of Syria have handed over their weapons to the Syrian Army troops and joined peace with the government. This proves beyond any doubt that the government is not at war with its own people; rather with foreign-backed terrorist groups and traitors.


On the other side, there is Qaeda-allied rebel media, consisting of White Helmets (holding weapons next to ISIL members) and other terrorists supporting the fake news war. It is these people that Western media outlets and governments will once again rely on for information on yet another false-flag chemical attack to accuse the Syrian government.


Tragic enough, Western governments and “fakestream” media outlets are once again preparing themselves to only present one side of the story – the regime-change one – that is based on false intelligence and false chemical attack reports. They are determined to manufacture new humanitarian crisis and be biased towards atrocities committed by their own proxies, their own national armed forces, and fake humanitarian groups in post-ISIL Syria.


According to Fars News Agancy, the result is an absence of verifiable, unbiased information emerging from terror-held areas, and consequently, a deliberate attempt to prolong the war and occupation for the long-suffering people of Syria through more illegal and unjustified attacks by the US and its allies on the standing infrastrucre of the war-torn nation that has escaped the planned devestation done by the terrorist groups in the last seven years.



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