07 September 2017 - 02:14
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Senior Member of Ansarullah:
Rasa – Sadiq al-Sharrafi said that there is great damage in the fact that the media coverage of the events in Yemen doesn’t pay attention to the role of the United States, while the role of the United States in the war on Yemen is quite evident.
Sadiq al-Sharrafi

RNA – In an exclusive interview with Rasa News Agency, Sadiq al-Sharrafi, a member of Yemen’s Ansarullah Islamic Resistance movement, referred the wretched conditions facing the people of Yemen, said, “The situation and conditions of the people of Yemen is at such an intensity that there is no need to explain much because many media outlets have described the state of human misery in Yemen. The humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen isn’t hidden for anyone. Everyone has some fairness to admit that the incidents and crimes committed against the oppressed people of Yemen are due to the brutal attacks by the Saudi-led Arab-led coalition and the massive siege against the people.”

The Yemeni resistance fighter explained, “The siege and night-and-day attacks on the Yemeni people have resulted in massacres, displacement and severe humanitarian crises and all these actions have occurred in order to retaliate against the Yemeni people. With great regret, I say that the United Nations has been acting against the people of the world since the start of the Arab coalition attack on Yemen.”

He noted that everyone has understood that this organization which claims to support human rights has provided every possible support for this aggression and provided a platform for legitimizing these crimes. 

“As we have repeatedly said, we again emphasize that this aggression is neither legal nor moral, but the United Nations nevertheless supports the aggressors,” he said. 

al-Sharrafi emphasized the role of the United Nations in the intensification of the Yemeni war, saying, “With the outbreak of the war, the United Nations practically legitimized the perpetrators by putting the name of Yemen under Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter. Since international law and international conventions condemn the invasion and aggression against an independent state, they condemned any attack against the Arab coalition by Yemen, while such action is without any legal basis.”

The senior Ansarullah official added, “We cannot be like Saudi Arabia and its allied countries in the Arab coalition, who easily attack Yemen and ignore it. The United Nations removed Saudi Arabia from the black list of ‘disgraced countries,’ despite its leadership of the war against Yemen, and I believe that it will soon be removed from all other lists. The United Nations cannot take any positive action on the Yemeni war because many of its assets and resources are guaranteed by the Yemeni war.”

He explained the dimensions of the siege of Sana’a International Airport and the threats by Arab coalition to bomb humanitarian aid aircraft and added, “The decision to be siege Sana’a’s airport and giving permission for some commercial vessels or humanitarian aid to enter Yemen’s maritime borders is an entirely American decision.”

“There is great damage in the fact that the media coverage of the events in Yemen doesn’t pay attention to the role of the United States, while the role of the United States in the war on Yemen is quite evident,” al-Sharrafi added. 

He stressed, “We know that the United States is responsible for the events in Yemen. The American navy and fighters have always been flying over Yemen, providing fuel to the Saudi fighters and playing a direct role in exacerbating the Yemeni crisis. The American government enjoys the illness and the suffering of babies, children, women and men.”

al-Sharrafi continued, “Many Yemeni children have lost their lives due to malnutrition and lack of medicine. Cholera has spread among nearly half a million Yemeni people and many have died.”


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