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03 September 2017 - 22:59
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Syria in Last 24 Hours:
Rasa - The Syrian army continued its advances in Hama, and captured more strategic regions in the province.

RNA - The army units drove the ISIL terrorists out of key areas and their surrounding areas in Hama province.


The Syrian troops inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists in fierce clashes over controlling of strategic regions. They also destroyed military equipment of the terrorists.


The Syrian army also continued its advances in other key provinces across Syria.




The Syrian Army forces entered Aqayrabat region in Eastern Hama after the ISIL terrorists started leaving their positions for militant-held regions in Idlib province in groups.


Local sources confirmed on Saturday that the ISIL terrorists have embarked on fleeing their positions in Aqayrabat region in groups towards Southeastern Idlib via Wadi al-Azib region following intensifying attacks by the Syrian Army men and Syrian and Russian warplanes.


The sources added that the army has entered Aqayrabat region after inflicting heavy defeats on ISIL and tightening the circle of forces around Aqayrabat.


Deir Ezzur


A number of ISIL terrorists were killed and several more were wounded in the Syrian Army troops' attack in the Eastern city of Deir Ezzur on Saturday.


A group of the army soldiers stormed ISIL's positions in Tal Alloush region and its surrounding areas, leaving 10 terrorists dead and several more injured.


The army men seized also a large volume of ISIL's weapons and ammunition.


The army soldiers returned to their positions without casualties.


The Syrian Army forces managed to drive ISIL terrorists out of a large region in Badiyeh (desert) covering 3,000sq/km in area in Homs-Raqqa-Deir Ezzur triangle in the central parts of the war-hit country, military sources confirmed on Saturday.




The sources said that the army soldiers, backed up by the country's Air Forces and artillery and missile units, continued to beat back ISIL in Badiyeh and imposed control over one of the largest mountains in Central Syria known as Mount al-Bashari in Homs-Raqqa-Deir Ezzur triangle that was one of the most important bastions of the ISIL.


They went on to say that Mount al-Bashari has stretched across the provinces of Homs, Raqqa and Deir Ezzur and was one of the most important supplying centers of the ISIL, adding that the army captured 3,000sq/km of land after taking control over al-Bashari and its surrounding regions.


The sources added that the army will be capable of seizing military control over a large number of villages and towns in Western Deir Ezzur after capturing Mount al-Bashari.


The sources further said that the army managed to connect two main roads in the Eastern part of Raqqa province to al-Sukhnah-Deir Ezzur highway after capturing Mount al-Bashari.


Relevant reports said that the army men captured a region 12km in length and 4km depth North of the village of Manoukh near Jubb al-Jarrah in Eastern Homs.


The ISIL suffered heavy casualties and its military hardware sustained major damage in the attack.


Meantime, it was reported that the Syrian Army has been using modernized models of T-72P and T-72P1 tanks in war on terrorists in the war-hit country, a Russian media outlet reported on Saturday.


The Arabic-language page of the Russian news agency, Sputnik, reported that the modernized tanks of T-72P and T-72P1 are being used by the army in their combat against terrorists, adding that the tanks are equipped with Contact 1 technology which has increased safety of the tanks against anti-tank shells.


Also, the military experts said that although the T-72P and T-72P1 tanks are among the advanced military vehicles but they have been updated and handed over to the Syrian army, adding these tanks are superior than T-72P3 and T-90 tanks in some cases. 


Military experts reported last week that the army started using the Russia-made MT-LB armored vehicles for the safe transfer of soldiers to the frontlines in the war-hit country.


The military experts said that MT-LB armored vehicles, manufactured in Russia, could boost the Syrian Army's strength for a safer dispatch of soldiers to the battlefields.


In the meantime, the Arabic Sputnik reported that the MT-LB vehicles were used for transfer of cannons and their crew.


Sputnik added that different weapons could be easily mounted on the MT-LB vehicles.



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