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19 December 2016 - 22:44
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Rasa - Sponsors of terrorist groups continue to release fabricated reports on their social media networks, accusing the Syrian government forces and their allies of carrying out executions and targeted killing of civilians in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city in a bid to undermine Damascus' victories in the war on terrorism.

RNA - The Arabic service of Sputnik news agency reported that a number of social media have released old images and videos of targeted killing and massacres, linking them to the recent developments in Aleppo and the Syrian army troops and their allies.


The move comes after a series of fabricated news reports about Aleppo liberation operation and evacuation of militants from the city.


Sputnik added that Ahmad Movafaq Zeidan, a journalist and former bureau manager of al-Jazeera in Pakistan, has released an image claiming that it is about a mass execution that happened in Syria last Monday.


He has written under the image on his face book account, "Mass execution carried out by Russia in Aleppo".


But in fact, the image depicts the mass killing of media staff, relief and rescue forces and women by ISIL terrorists in a Aleppo hospital in 2014.


Although, the image released by Zeidan is factitious, it has been vastly shared on social media.


In the meantime, Ezzat al-Jaraf, a member of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Society who used to be a member of the Egyptian Parliament, has also released an image about Aleppo battle, while the image has been taken in one of the streets of the city of Douma in Eastern Damascus in 2015. The image is about clashes between the residents of the city and terrorists, who rule in Douma.


Another image shared many times in the social media shows a father hand in hand with his son moving around in ruined areas. Those people who released this image have claimed that the man in the image is a victim of the Aleppo liberation operation, while the image is an old one and dates back to last September.


The last image shows two children that have died in each other's arms. It is also claimed that the kids are victims of Aleppo's recent clashes, while these two children were killed in military operations in the Gaza strip in Palestine.


The Syrian army and popular forces have on many occasions suspended or delayed their anti-terrorism operations to avoid collateral damage and human casualties and meantime combat flights over Aleppo have been canceled to prevent death of innocent people.


But terrorists still continue shelling residential areas, and the western and Arab media are mum to mention even once single such case.


In August, over 100 civilians were killed and at least 700 more were seriously wounded in missile, mortar and artillery attacks of the terrorist groups on residential areas in Aleppo city, local sources said.


"Over half of the killed civilians are women and children," the sources said.


"Terrorists have been targeting Aleppo's neighborhoods, mainly al-Hamdaniyeh by gas cylinders and hand-made missiles," the sources added.


"Terrorists targeted a bus and a small market by a gas cylinders, killing at least 14 and wounding over 50 civilians," they went on to say.


"Jeish al-Fatah terrorists opened fire at 40 militants and their families, who tried to leave the village of al-Ansari near Aleppo and enter army-held regions to surrender themselves to the government authorities, and killed at least 40 of them," the sources said.


Also, at least 14 civilians were killed and dozens more wounded by militant rocket attacks on government-held areas in the flashpoint Syrian city of Aleppo.


Most of the victims were killed in the city’s Hamdaniyeh district.


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