03 October 2016 - 17:47
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Rasa - Head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali warned of the danger posed by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia against the country, and said Riyadh's stockpiling of arms is seen as a threat by Tehran.
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RNA - "The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are sources of threat to our country and we are in conflict with Saudi Arabia in the three military, economic and cyberspace fields," General Jalali said, addressing a conference in Tehran on Monday.


"Israel and Saudi Arabia have produced and stockpiled a huge volume of weapons; the Saudi leaders are less experienced and have an offensive strategy against Iran and actually they are the priority of threats against us," he added.


Noting that Saudi Arabia is fighting as a US proxy in the region, General Jalali warned, "The Persian Gulf is the scene of our conflicts with Saudi Arabia and war in this region will first harm Saudi Arabia, then Iran and the US and finally the entire world."


In relevant remarks in August, General Jalali warned of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia's danger against the country's cyber space.


"Certain countries, including the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, threaten us in the cyber field," General Jalali said, addressing the 4th Cyber Defense Forum in Tehran.


"Saudi Arabia makes many such attempts," he added.


Jalali, meantime, stressed that Iranian experts have also adopted proper measures to confront enemies' threats in the cyber space, and said the first-layer vulnerabilities have been identified to prevent the repetition of the past cyber attacks.


A group of Saudi hackers launched cyber attacks on a number of Iranian government websites in May, but failed to incur major damage.


"Saudi Arabia sought to materialize its threats through such attacks but it was mostly a type of show-off," General Jalali told FNA.


"These attacks were carried out on the first layer and didn’t inflict heavy damage," the civil defense chief added.


Jalali said that the Saudi hackers couldn’t change anything more than a page and failed to go any deeper.


Reports said in May that the websites of the Statistical Center of Iran and the country's Organization for Registration of Deeds and Property were hacked, but experts fixed them soon.


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