30 September 2016 - 23:19
News ID: 423995
Rasa - Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi underlined that the country's armed and security forces are capable of safeguarding tranquility and security of the people, and said the enemies are not able to harm Iran.
 Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi

RNA - "Iran has intelligence dominance over terrorists and the enemies have so far failed to conduct even a single successful terrorist operation inside the country," Alavi said in a meeting with the judiciary officials.


He reiterated that the existing security in Iran is the outcome of cooperation, convergence and mutual understanding among different key organizations of the country, including the Interior Ministry, Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), the Army, the Basij Force (Voluntary) forces, police and the judiciary system.


In mid-August, Alavi underlined that despite all attempts made by various terrorist groups, Iran is the most secure country in the region due to its powerful defensive and military forces.


"Although we are witnessing insecurity in the world and everyday we see bomb blasts, suicide and gun attacks or massacres, thank God, Iran enjoys full security," Alavi said.


He reiterated that the enemy is doing its best to make Iran an insecure country, and said they are even training terrorists to produce explosives from several chemical substances to explode them in different places across Iran.


Yet, the intelligence minister said all terrorist attempts have been foiled so far.


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