24 September 2016 - 23:44
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Rasa - Governor General of Semnan Province Mohammad Reza Khabbaz announced on Saturday that the Iranian security forces have recently captured a number of ISIL agents in his province.
Iran Special Forces

RNA - "Identifying and arresting these operatives of the ISIL shows the vigilance of Iran's security and intelligence forces," Khabbaz said.


He reiterated that the ISIL terrorists are trying to make Iran insecure, "but the security and military forces' vigilance will not allow them to achieve their goals".


The governor general of the Northern province declined to reveal the exact number of the terrorists captured in his province or the date of arrest.


Last week, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and intelligence forces captured two terrorists of Pakistani origin in the Southeastern parts of the country with two ready-to-explode bombs.


The two terrorists were arrested in Kalegan district of Saravan town in Sistan and Balouchestan province in a surprise attack by the Iranian security forces.


After their arrest, it was revealed that they are of Pakistani origin and members of an outlawed terrorist group who sought to enter Iran to carry out sabotage acts and create fear and panic among people.


After searching their hideout, two pressure bombs which can be triggered by depression of brakes or accelerator pedals were seized which were due to be planted in cars to explode in crowded areas, along with other weapons and ammunition.


Earlier in September, the IRGC had also dismantled a team of 9 terrorists "sent by Saudi Arabia to foment insecurity inside the country".


The IRGC killed four of the terrorists, including their commander, and injured two others in the city of Saravan.


Official statements said the terrorist team which intended to carryout "sabotage acts inside Iran was disbanded by the IRGC in the Kouhak border region of Saravan city".


The IRGC also destroyed the weapons, ammunition, wireless equipment, night-vision goggles and three Toyota vehicles of the terrorists calling themselves Jeish al-Adl group.


In a relevant development earlier this month, the Iranian intelligence and security forces dismantled a team of 12 terrorists sent by Saudi Arabia and certain trans-regional states to foment insecurity inside the country.


The terrorist team which was equipped with light and semi-heavy weapons and intended to carryout sabotage acts inside Iran was disbanded in the Western bordering areas of Sardasht city through cooperation with the IRGC forces.


In early July, Iranian Judiciary Spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei announced that country's Armed Forces had captured a dozen terrorists who had received special training in foreign countries.


"We have arrested about 12 Takfiri terrorists in recent weeks," Mohseni Ejei said in his weekly press conference in Tehran.


He underlined that the foreign countries train the Takfiri terrorists to make Iran insecure, and said, "Thanks God, the Iranian Army, Law Enforcement Police, intelligence forces and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) forces monitor the slightest movement of the terrorists and capture them."


"Some western countries and Saudi Arabia have made official announcements that they are trying to make Iran an insecure place," Mohseni Ejei added, implying that the terrorists have been agents of Riyadh.


He underlined that Iran is one of the most secure countries in the region and the world, and said, "The enemies are trying to make Iran an unsafe place."


Iran's intelligence and security bodies announced in late June that they had identified and captured several terrorist cells that planned to strike at over 50 targets in Tehran and other cities across the country in the last few days.


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