The media war needs General Qasem Soleymani ‎
Representative of the ‎Supreme Leader in Mazandaran:
Hujjat al-Islam Mohammadi-Laeini said, “In the media war, we need General Qasem ‎Soleymani to be a model and teacher of resistance and to teach the people the lesson of ‎resistance against the enemies.”‎
The hypocrites and the West invest in sedition and damaging the security of Iranian society
Ayatollah Rajabi: ‎
A member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Seminaries warned of the enemies’ plans ‎for riots and sedition in Iran as part of their all-out efforts to harm the Iranian people.‎
News of the decline of the US has come ‎
Najaf Friday Prayer Leader:
Hujjat al-Islam al-‎Qubanchi said, “The United States is collapsing and we must be ‎vigilant against the seditions of the Zionists.”‎
Supreme Leader’s concern for holding mourning gatherings in the month of Muharram
Hujjat al-Islam Ansarian:‎
Referring to Ayatollah Khamenei’s concern about Muharram mourning gatherings, the ‎prominent teacher in the Islamic Seminaries of Qom said, “I’m aware that he said that ‎despite the current situation this year, we must hold the Muharram mourning gatherings as ‎passionately as possible by observing the necessary protocols.”‎
There is no other way but to work together to fight the Coronavirus
Ayatollah al-Modarresi:
The Iraqi source of emulation said, “To fight the Coronavirus, the efforts of the medical ‎staff alone aren’t enough and everyone must cooperate and interact with each other.”‎
The strategy of active resistance is the only way to confront the terrorist US
Qom Friday Prayer Leader:‎
Ayatollah Sa’idi stated that the strategy of active resistance is the solution against the United ‎States, said, “The Americans must know that in the face of the crimes they commit, they ‎must wait for the severe blow of the believers.”‎
Historians’ unkindness toward Abu Talib, Hamzah and Lady Khadijah
Hujjat al-Islam Rafiei-Mohammadi:‎
The dean of the history of Islamic Tradition and Civilization at Imam Khomeyni Higher ‎Education Complex named Lady Khadijah, Abu Talib and Hamzah as among the personalities ‎who have been neglected.‎
US’ presence in the region has brought nothing but war and the growth of terrorism
Hujjat al-Islam Zonnour in Meeting with Australian Ambassador:‎
The chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Islamic ‎Consultative Assembly said, “The presence of the United States and the dominating ‎powers in the region has brought nothing but war and the growth of terrorism.”‎
We don’t accept that Lebanon is the prey of Zionism or the US
Leading Lebanese Shi’ah Scholar:‎
Hujjat al-Islam Ahmad Qabalan said that Lebanon can’t be sold and added, “Some must ‎understand the fact that we Shi’ahs constitute the largest religious group in this country ‎but we are the historical group of Lebanon and its first and main partner.”‎