US allies in Middle East turning their back on Trump
The administration of US President Donald Trump and his allies in the Middle East are unlikely to launch a military strike against Iran, as Washington struggles to win its allies’ support to forge a military alliance against Tehran, says an American political analyst.
US backpedals on bid to build ‘anti-Iran’ military coalition in Persian Gulf
The Trump administration has backtracked on its earlier bid to build a military coalition in the Persian Gulf to counter what it called the “Iran threat”, saying now that the coalition is not aimed at countering the Islamic Republic.
Argentina joins US in blacklisting Hezbollah during Pompeo's visit
Argentina has joined the US in designating Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement as a terrorist group over trumped-up charges of posing a “threat” to the economy of the South American country.
US House votes to block Saudi arms sales, Trump to veto
The US House of Representatives has voted to pass resolutions that block the sale of precision-guided munitions (PGMs) to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates over their crimes against the people of Yemen, defying veto threats by President Donald Trump.
Polls Show Sour Views of Race Relations in Trump’s America
Even before US President Donald Trump’s racist tweets toward four Democratic congresswomen of color, Americans considered race relations in the United States to be generally bad — and said that Trump has been making them worse.
US House Overwhelmingly Approves Anti-Saudi Measures
The House of Representatives passed two measures Monday highly critical of Saudi Arabia, with one seeking to have the US impose sanctions on the Saudi officials responsible for the grisly murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.
House Democrats Introduce Resolution Condemning Trump for 'Racist' Comments
House Democrats plan to vote on a resolution that explicitly condemns President Donald Trump's tweets, in which he called for four progressive congresswomen to "go back" to other countries, as racist.
Western hawks steal show at Iran-bashing MKO event
US and European figures, including President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, have attended an annual conference held by anti-Iran Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorists in Albania.
Trump Twitter outbursts test US-UK 'special relationship'
Donald Trump's refusal to deal with the UK ambassador following the leak of his frank assessment of the US president's chaotic rule raises a big question: can the allies' much-vaunted "special relationship" survive?
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