Shanahan, Pompeo, Dunford to brief US Congress on Iran situation
Both chambers of the US Congress are scheduled to be briefed amid the Trump administration’s escalating of tensions with Iran.
Iran threat exaggerated by GOP hawks
Rep. Gallego:
US Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego says that the United States has exaggerated what it describes as threats posed by Iran amid escalation of tensions between the two countries.
US ‘sitting by the phone’ awaiting call from Iran: Official
A senior Trump administration official says the US is “sitting by the phone” to hear from Iran, but it has yet to receive any message suggesting Tehran is willing to accept Donald Trump’s overtures for direct talks.
Iran has been target of US imperialism since 1979
Iran has been a target of US imperialism since its inception in 1979 as a result of the Islamic Revolution, says Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.
The US and the Law of Jungle
Trump’s one-man foreign policy, characterized by military buildups, sanctions, trade war, isolationism, xenophobia and anti-multilaterism is threatening not only the US, but the entire world.
Tehran urges US to declassify its 'intelligence' on Iran threat in Iraq
Iran’s ambassador to the UN has called on the US government to declassify its alleged intelligence on "Iranian threat" in Iraq, saying Tehran is confident the claim is "fake".
'Trump needs Iran war to avert crisis at home'
US President Donald Trump likes to keep people guessing whether there would be a war between Iran and the United States because that is the only way he can divert the constitutional crisis that is building up in Washington.
Trump Considering Replacing Bolton
US President Donald Trump is considering replacing his hawkish National Security Adviser John Bolton over his plans to push the United States towards a military conflict with Iran, Venezuela and North Korea, according to a report.
Sanders warns war with Iran would be
US Senator Bernie Sanders has said that war with Iran would be "many times worse than the Iraq War," after a report showed that hawkish American officials, led by National Security Adviser John Bolton, had presented President Donald Trump with a new military plan against the Islamic Republic.
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