US Catholic Church approves changes on sex abuse reporting
US Catholic bishops have approved new rules that require clergy to report suspicions of sexual assault against children, as the Catholic Church struggles with an ongoing sexual abuse crisis.
Attempts by US to overturn Iran revolution all failed
Rodney Martin:
Multiple attempts by different US administrations to overturn the Islamic Republic have failed due to the resistance by the Iranian people, according to American political commentator Rodney Martin.
24 Immigrants Died in ICE Custody During Trump Administration
Twenty-four immigrants have died in ICE custody during the administration of US President Donald Trump, according to an NBC News analysis of federal data.
'Enemy of people': Trump lashes out at New York Times for Mexico deal report
US President Donald Trump has once again attacked The New York Times, calling the American daily newspaper “Enemy of the People” for a report asserting that Mexico had agreed to take action at the border months before Washington announced potential tariffs.
Pelosi Hammers Trump on Mexico Tariff Deal: 'Threats, Temper Tantrums Are No Way to Negotiate'
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) hammered President Donald Trump on Saturday over his latest threats to slap a 5 percent tariff on imports from Mexico, repeating her claim that the American president was negotiating via "threats and temper tantrums".
Mexico Deal Won’t Solve America’s Migration Crisis
The US-Mexico border continues to be a massive migration headache for President Donald Trump and his neocon team.
Pressure won’t work with Iran
Former CIA chief Brennan:
Former CIA director John Brennan says the US President Donald Trump administration’s policy of pressure against Tehran is a failed policy because there is “a culture of resistance” in Iran.
Hundreds of US infantry soldiers mobilizing for deployment to Afghanistan
Hundreds of US infantry soldiers are to be mobilized this summer prior to being deployed to Afghanistan in support of the US-led ‘Operation Freedom Sentinel,’ purportedly billed as the continuation of “the global war on terrorism.”
US Scores Low on Human Rights
Police brutality, migrant abuse and Death Row ensured the United States scored poorly among rich countries in a survey released on Thursday assessing human rights from Mexico to Mozambique.