US Gun Lobby Chief Rejects Tougher Firearm Laws After Mass Shootings
The head of the powerful gun lobby in the United States rejected calls for tougher restrictions on firearms, claiming they would not have prevented the recent mass shootings in the states of Texas and Ohio.
Yemenis picket outside UN building in New York to demand end to Saudi siege on Yemen
Dozens of Yemenis have gathered in front of the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York, protesting against the years-long, crippling embargo imposed by a Saudi-led military coalition on the international airport in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a.
Amnesty Issues US Travel Warning, Pushes for Gun Control After Mass Shootings
Amnesty International dived headlong into the US gun control debate, urging travelers to be cautious amid a “human rights crisis” they blame on “ubiquity of firearms” and government reluctance to confiscate them.
US president fanning ‘flames of white supremacy,’ Biden says
US Democratic presidential front runner Joe Biden says President Donald Trump has "fanned the flames of white supremacy" in the country as Americans are yet recover from two deadly mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.
Venezuela Denounces New US Sanctions as 'Threat' to World
Venezuela's vice president called the latest US sanctions freezing the assets of President Nicolas Maduro's government a "global threat" and an attack on private property.
Venezuela Accuses US of ‘Criminal Blockade’ as It Moves to Freeze Gov't Assets
‘Economic Terrorism’:
The US imposed new restrictions on Venezuela, blocking its government assets and threatening anyone dealing with it with secondary sanctions, as the move prompted an angry reaction from Caracas.
US legacy of targeting civilians alive since Hiroshima
Marking the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Japan’s Hiroshima, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the United States’ legacy of targeting civilians lives on 74 years after it became the only country to ever drop a nuclear bomb.
White supremacy not a partisan issue; both sides fund endless racist war
Daniel Patrick Welch:
“All American presidents have been racists, going back to George Washington—the original GW,” American writer and political analyst Daniel Patrick Welch says.
Trump shows reaction to Obama’s condemnation of racism
US Present Donald Trump has hit back at Barack Obama after the former president implicitly urged Americans to “reject” any leader who used hate language, promoted terrorism and normalized racist sentiments.