Israel has right to annex parts of occupied West Bank
US ambassador:
US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has said Israel has the right to annex at least "some" of the occupied West Bank reiterating similar remarks made earlier by US President Donald Trump.
US House Speaker Pelosi told Democrats I want to see Trump ‘in prison’: Report
US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi told fellow Democrats during a closed-door meeting that President Donald Trump should be sent to "prison," according to US media.
US lawmaker says Trump isn't 'leaving us any choice' on impeachment
US Representative Dan Kildee (D-Mich.) has said that an increasing number of his lawmakers believe President Donald Trump gives them "no choice" except his impeachment.
US State Department defunds anti-Iran Twitter after being exposed
The US has stopped funding for a Twitter account after revelations that it works for the State Department.
Leaked Docs Show NSA Fed Israel Intel for Targeted Assassinations
Frustrated by a legal ban on sharing intelligence with Israeli operatives conducting targeted assassinations against Hezbollah, the NSA crafted a loophole giving them total access even to US citizens' data, leaked documents showed.
Mueller Announces Resignation from Justice Dept, Says Charging Trump with Obstruction of Justice ‘Was Not An Option'
US Special Counsel Robert Mueller stated that he is resigning from the US Justice Department after the conclusion of the Russia investigation, stressing that charging US President Donald Trump was not an option that he could consider under Justice Department guidelines.
Trump Distances Himself from Bolton on Iran, North Korea
US President Donald Trump publicly undercut John Bolton, his national security adviser, on Iran and North Korea during a four-day visit to Japan, expressing a much more positive view on US relations with North Korea and long-time adversary Iran.
Pope lashes out at Trump for separation policy, border wall
Pope Francis has denounced as “cruel” the US administration’s policy of building border walls and separating migrant families.
US seeking to replace Mideast peace process with imposed incentives, Russia says
Russia has censured the forthcoming US-led conference in Bahrain in support of President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the Israeli regime and Palestinians, dubbed “the deal of the century,” describing it as a Washington's attempt to substitute the so-called Middle East peace process with imposed economic incentives.