#TrumpsTerrorists Trends as Americans Blame President for Mass Shootings
Following two mass shootings in the United States, the hashtag #TrumpsTerrorists trended on Twitter on Sunday afternoon, with thousands of Americans blaming President Donald Trump for allegedly encouraging violence against immigrants with his racial rhetoric.
Trump says ‘hate has no place in our country' after mass shootings
US President Donald Trump has declared that “hate has no place in our country” following two mass shootings over the weekend that left thirty people dead.
10 Killed, 16 Injured in Ohio Mass Shooting, Hours After Texas Tragedy
Nine people have been killed in a mass shooting in in Dayton, Ohio, the city police confirmed, while at least 16 were sent to hospital with injuries. The gunman was shot by the police responding to the incident.
Nearly one in 10 US kids sexually abused, research suggests
Federal prosecutors raided the home of the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein earlier this month, after charging him with sex trafficking. There, they say they discovered lewd photographs of girls as young as 14. Epstein is a convicted felon who was sentenced in 2008 for sex crimes involving a minor.
US defense chief claims support for anti-Iran Persian Gulf force despite rejections
The new US defense chief has claimed that a Washington-led scheme to police the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz against purported Iranian threat will soon gain commitments of several allied countries despite recent reports that even key US allies have snubbed the anti-Iran effort.
Protest held in violence-plagued US city to end murders
Anti-gun violence activists have rallied in Baltimore, Maryland, after US president Donald Trump's disparaging comments about the city, which has one of the highest murder rates in the US.
Trump Again Says Could Win Afghanistan War in 7 Days But Does Not Want to Kill 10 Million People
US President Donald Trump stated that he could win the war in Afghanistan within a week but did not want to kill 10 million people.
Leading US-based Israeli group forced to close as public support for Israel declines
US-based pro-Israel advocacy organization, the Israel Project (TIP), has reportedly been forced to close its Israel office in anticipation of a complete shutdown due to a sharp decline in support.
Trump Threatens to Release 2,500 Captured Daesh Fighters ‘Back into Europe’
US President Donald Trump warned that some 2,500 jihadists captured by Washington and its allies in Syria and Iraq could soon be roaming European soil unless the EU agrees to take back expat fighters of its own accord.