Trump Lashes out at 'Do Nothing Democrat Savages'
President Donald Trump on Saturday lashed out at congressional Democrats, calling them "Do Nothing Democrat Savages" as more lawmakers come out in favor of an impeachment inquiry over the president's dealings with Ukraine.
Trump impeachment worth losing House in 2020
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that a successful impeachment of President Donald Trump would be worth losing the Democrats’ House majority in 2020.
Trump rejected Iran’s conditions for meeting Rouhani: Zarif
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says it was US President Donald Trump who wasted his chances for a meeting with Iranian officials on the sidelines of a United Nations gathering in New York by rejecting Tehran’s main conditions for such a meeting.
White House Limit Access to Trump Calls with Putin, MbS
The White House sought to limit access to conversations President Donald Trump had with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to CNN.
'At least 35' Republicans senators would vote to remove Trump: Ex-GOP senator
Former Republican US Senator Jeff Flake said that he thinks at least 35 Republican senators would vote to impeach President Donald Trump and remove him from office if they could vote privately.
US Impeachment Hearings Could Start Next Week
The US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee could kick off impeachment hearings for US President Donald Trump as early as next week, media reported Friday.
US judge blocks Trump rule on migrant child detention
A US judge on Friday blocked a Trump administration rule that sought to detain migrant families indefinitely, saying it was inconsistent with a 1997 court settlement that governs conditions for migrant children in US custody.
Poll: Support for Trump's Impeachment Rises to 43%
A new poll on Thursday found support for President Donald Trump's impeachment proceedings rose 7 points, while opposition to impeachment fell 6 points, compared to a survey conducted over the weekend.
Trump authorizes travel ban on top Iranian officials, their families
US President Donald Trump has authorized his State Department to put a travel ban on top Iranian officials and their families over baseless “terrorism” charges.