24 August 2019 - 16:23
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Ayatollah Ahmadi-Faqih-Yazdi:‎
A teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom referring to the Supreme Leader’s special attention ‎to culture and economics in the Statement on the ‎Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution ‎and said, “Culture and economics must be together and can’t achieve their result if they are ‎separated.”‎

RNA – A conference has been held at Rasa News Agency with the approach of explaining ‎the ‎mission of the Islamic Seminaries and clergy in response to the Statement on the ‎Second ‎Phase of the Islamic Revolution, which has been drafted by the Supreme Leader of the ‎Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei. ‎

Speaking at the conference, Ayatollah Mohammad-Hoseyn Ahmadi-Faqih-Yazdi, a teacher of ‎dars al-kharij (graduate studies) in the Islamic Seminary of Qom, “All the prophets and saints ‎came for religious governance but the appearance of this government is through Imam al-‎Mahdi, which in the present era has been established through a fully-qualified mujtahid.” ‎

He further emphasized the need for special protection of the Islamic Revolution and its ‎achievements and said, “If we want the different issues of the Islamic Revolution to be a ‎model for other Islamic countries, and more exactly all of humanity, we need to analyze at ‎all of the issues of Islam in a precise manner.”‎

Ayatollah Ahmadi-Faqih-Yazdi, added, “In the Statement on the ‎Second Phase of the Islamic ‎Revolution, the situation before us has been clarified, we see the conditional issue close to ‎us and we can examine where it has reached. We must now bear in mind that among us ‎seminarians it’s customary that we always say that it isn’t possible to adhere to the general ‎aspect of a doubtful referent, while all those who support relations with other countries are ‎adhering to the referents of expediency and wisdom.”‎

In another part of his speech, His Eminence stated, “Our independence and economic ‎arguments must be clarified as a referent and this statement is to examine our interests, ‎instances of corruption and wisdom in a precise manner and in regard to this, we must be ‎committed and find a clear and firm way.”‎

Ayatollah Ahmadi-Faqih-Yazdi said that the enemies and sanctions have no effect on our ‎work, especially in the Islamic Seminaries and universities and added, “Culture and ‎economics must be together and can’t achieve their result if they are separated. Therefore, ‎in order to achieve the full effect we need to consider all these aspects.”‎

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