01 June 2019 - 05:07
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Rasa – The editor-in-chief of Vasael.ir, the Specialist Site of the Jurisprudence of Governance, ‎announced the launch of the new site will be held with the presence of prominent ‎personalities from the Islamic Seminary and a speech by Ayatollah Shabzendehdar.‎

RNA – In an exclusive interview with Rasa News Agency, Dr. Alireza Davoudi, the editor-in-‎chief of Vasael.ir, the Specialist Site of the Jurisprudence of Governance, said that an ‎opening ceremony is to be held to unveil the new site of the organization and said, “The ‎ceremony will be held in the presence of clergymen, scholars, teachers, personalities from ‎the seminary, academics and researchers of the Islamic Seminary on Saturday, June 1st. ‎Ayatollah Mohammad-Mahdi Shabzendehdar [a ‎jurisprudent member of the Guardian ‎Council], will be the main speaker of this program.”‎
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Dr. Davoudi introduced the collection of Vasael.ir and said, “Regarding the concern of the ‎Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] in regard to the field of the ‎jurisprudence of governance, the managers and officials of Rasa News Agency decided to ‎launch this collection so that they could develop this neglected discourse in the Islamic ‎Seminaries. Therefore, Vasael.ir was launched in 2013.”‎

He added, “After the formation of the Islamic Revolution, a great duty was placed on the ‎shoulders of the seminarians and it was to answer the questions posed by the officials of the ‎system. Accordingly, ‎in its new period of life, the Islamic Seminaries must bear this double ‎burden and become involved in the various arenas of community management.”‎
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The editor-in-chief of Vasael.ir‎ explained the features of this collection and said, “This site ‎isn’t based on a specific intellectual stream and isn’t indebted to any stream and for this ‎reason, it’s easy to criticize different opinions and ideas. We only have approaches with ‎those who are distanced from the delineated direction of the Islamic Revolution and the ‎leadership.”‎
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Dr. Davoudi said that the accompaniment of Rasa News Agency and Vasael.ir is a strong ‎point of this news site and added, “Using the capacities of Rasa News Agency ‎and its ‎professional tools has distinguished Vasael.ir from similar collections. Our colleagues, in ‎addition to their expertise in the Islamic Seminaries, have also been able to make significant ‎progress in the media dimension, with the help of Rasa News Agency.”‎
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He stated that Vasael.ir has been making innovations in the production of news styles and ‎the methods of content publishing and noted, “As an example, we present a special version ‎of the method of writing for the publication of Dars al-Kharij (graduate studies) lectures, ‎which is a combination of the academic and media models. We received good feedback ‎from the teachers and audiences in regard to this style of work.”‎
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The editor-in-chief of Vasael.ir‎ ‎said that the scientific attractiveness and richness of the ‎content are among the features of the products of the collection and said, “In addition to ‎producing news, we make use of all media tools to deliver content to our audience, including ‎the production of films, audio tracks, images, writing and information. Vasael.ir is the only ‎collection that has entered into the production of documentaries at the national level in this ‎regard.”‎

Dr. Davoudi divided the scope of the activities of Vasaeli.ir into three periods of work and ‎said, “First, was the era of propaganda, of which our purpose at that time to promote the ‎topics of the jurisprudence of governance in the Islamic Seminaries. To this end, we tried to ‎cover most of the activities of the Islamic Seminaries in this regard.” ‎

He stated that during the second period, the opportunity to create a double motive in the ‎audience came about and stated, “We tried to communicate with teachers and seminarians ‎on the subject of the jurisprudence of governance through interviews and motivational ‎programs. At the beginning of the work, the number of Dars al-Kharij lectures which were ‎held on this issue, were less than the number of fingers on one hand, but nowadays, ‎according to official statistics, the number of seats in the Dars al-Kharij lectures ‎is three to ‎four times higher.”‎
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He said the third period is turning the working life of the collection toward scientific ‎production and said, “Among the research products of the Islamic Seminary, we saw ‎vacuums in which we were trying to fill these gaps by communicating with outstanding ‎teachers. Of course, since the jurisprudence of governance is taking its initial steps, naturally, ‎in some arenas, nothing has been done yet.”‎
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Referring to the process of the production of the outstanding documentary, “Tanfiz ‎‎[Validation],” Dr. Davoudi stated, “There are many doubts in this regard to this issue and it ‎was felt that there was a need for an accurate academic answer to this issue. Understanding ‎this need, Vasael.ir produced this documentary with the help of prominent teachers in the ‎field of documentary production. The quality of academic and media coverage was so great ‎that it was welcomed by various national media networks and was broadcast an hour before ‎the presidential validation ceremony by the IRIB’s Channel One on May 19, 2017.” ‎

He stated that new step of Vasael.ir will be to enter into the field of education and said, “The ‎lessons of ‘Ramadhan Discourses’ are currently being held under five titles, which was a great ‎forerunner for our collection. In the future, we will also hold specialized courses on the ‎jurisprudence of governance. We will inform the enthusiasts of some of the activities that ‎have been outlined by Vasael at the launch ceremony of the new site.”‎



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