19 October 2018 - 21:54
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General Ismail Kosari:‎
Rasa – The deputy chief of the Sarallah Brigades of the IRGC said that the existence of a ‎deadlock in Iran is due to the weakness of some of the officials.‎
General Esmail Kosari

RNA – In an exclusive interview with Rasa News Agency, General Esmail Kosari, the deputy ‎chief of the base of the Sarallah Brigades of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) ‎said that some individuals with power in Iran are afraid of losing their posts and their ‎position to the youth noted, “The rules must be such that no one thinks if someone is ‎employed somewhere, that position will always be available to him.”‎


He added, “Our youth have shown in many stages of the Islamic Revolution that they have ‎many abilities and therefore, their capacities must not be ignored.”‎


Expressing his satisfaction with the announcement of the law on the employment of retirees ‎and considered the law as a step towards assisting the youth, he said, “That these types of ‎laws must be expanded so that young people can enter different arenas and promote the ‎position of the country scientifically and spiritually because the affiliations and materialism ‎among the youth are far less than those of the older generations.”‎


General Kosari referred to the requirements of the sanctions and adding, “One of the most ‎important requirements is that the officials believe they can slap the United States. ‎Unfortunately, some officials who focus only on the West think that the only solution to the ‎problems is to extend our hands to the West and for this reason, they are neglecting Iran’s ‎internal capacities.”‎


He added, “If we rely on domestic capacities, there is no doubt that we will defeat the ‎sanctions and make great progress.”‎


He highlighted the unity, persistence and resistance of the people are examples of the ‎greatness, authority, and invincibility of the Islamic Republic. The people of Iran, with their ‎intelligence, vigilance, and authority, adhere to the Islamic system and have shown ‎persistence and resistance in different periods.”‎


General Kosari said that the existence of a deadlock in the country is due to the weakness of ‎some of the officials and added, “By insisting that there is a ‘deadlock’ in society, some want ‎to flatter the foreigners and enemies. Such individuals don’t believe ‘we can’ and therefore ‎want to present the Iranian people as dependent on the West and we must say that our ‎people don’t accept this at all.”‎



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