27 August 2018 - 13:34
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Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Committee on Industry and Mines:
Rasa – Mr. Aziz Akbarian said that Iran’s capital reserves must be spent on goods for the needs of the country and added that officials must attract the people’s confidence by punishing those involved in economic corruption.
Aziz Akbarian
RNA – In an exclusive interview with Rasa News Agency, Mr. Aziz Akbarian, the chairman of the Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly’s Committee on Industry and Mines, said that national unity is necessary to overcome the current sensitive conditions facing Iran and said, “Avoiding lavishness and wastefulness is an approach to dealing with economic warfare.”
He added, “People and officials must avoid lavishness and wastefulness in their personal and government expenses as well as in their foreign travels.”
Given the current situation, Mr. Akbarian emphasized that it’s necessary for the people and officials to help each other in order to overcome the economic problems in Iran and said, “The people must help the officials to resolve the economic crisis so that we can pass through this stage well and the officials must also attract the people’s confidence by punishing those involved in economic corruption.”
Emphasizing that the government must support domestic production in order to transform the economic conditions of the country, His Eminence said, “If the industry and production of the country of the were sleeping, the country would suffer and the most harm would fall on the people and the working class.”
He added that the capital of the country must be spent to secure the supply of essential goods and basic needs of the people rather than on foreign travel and added, “Thus, the government must manage and control the consumption of the government’s capital.”
Mr. Akbarian said that the economic war is far more difficult than military warfare and stated, “During the Holy Defense Era [Iran-Iraq War], if a person had attainted the grace of martyrdom in a certain region, others were sent from the same area to the battlefield. However, today we are facing an economic war. Someone who is hungry may do anything to attain a livelihood and to manage their life. Therefore, the economic warfare is much harder than military conflict.”
The chairman of the Committee on Industry and Mines continued, “It’s not the time to make a personal decision, test and conclude that no matter how much a person wants to sell dollars and coins, this isn’t the decision of a wise person.”
The cost of gold coins have drastically increased and the Iranian Rial has lost much of its value in recent weeks.
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