10 August 2018 - 23:07
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Rasa – According to Maariv newspaper, a number of Israeli military analysts have acknowledged Hezbollah’s missile power and announced that it had 120,000 rockets and mortars ready to launch a strike against the Zionist regime.
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RNA – A report by the Israeli newspaper Maariv in regard to the potential of a future war between the Zionist state and the Lebanon Islamic Resistance group, Hezbollah, says that the danger of a military conflict between Israel and Hezbollah has decreased and the Israeli intelligence community still thinks the probability of war initiated by Hezbollah or Iran is low.


In this report, Maariv referred to Hezbollah’s military and said that Hezbollah has about 120,000 rockets and mortars and Hezbollah forces can launch 700 missiles a day towards various Israeli regions. 


The report does not precisely mention which areas Hezbollah has directed its missiles toward. 


Hezbollah’s arsenal includes missiles and mortars with a range of more than 45 kilometres and some may target areas at a depth of 200 kilometres from Israel, which means they could reach Haifa.


Most of those can carry warheads of up to 10 kilograms but some Hezbollah missiles are long-range and are capable of carrying warheads containing explosives of 200 to 400 kilograms.


The report states that some Hezbollah missiles can target the sensitive positions of the Zionist regime and that their army will not be able to fight against them.


“If and when total war erupts between Israel and Hezbollah, the Israeli army plans to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people who live within missile range, to other parts of Israel,” it mentioned, noting that “the plan calls for a complete evacuation of towns nearest the border, with the exception of emergency personnel, which would involve evacuating 78,000 people from 50 towns up to four kilometres from the border.”


Hezbollah’s first confrontation with Israel occurred during the Zionist state’s 15-year occupation of southern Lebanon in from 1975–1990.


Hezbollah fought against Israel again in the 2006 33-Day War.



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