04 April 2019 - 12:27
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Rasa – Ayatollah Hadavi-Tehrani ‎has issued a statement in regard to the recent floods which ‎hit Iran as well as Afghanistan.‎

RNA – Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi-Tehrani ‎has issued a statement in regard to the recent floods ‎which ‎hit Iran as well as Afghanistan.‎

At least 57 people have died and hundreds more injured in historic flash floods after severe ‎rains ‎that affected large parts of Iran over the past days.‎

Iran has announced a state of emergency in several provinces threatened by flooding and ‎ordered tens of thousands to evacuate their homes.‎

Flash floods have also killed at least 35 people in Afghanistan, destroying homes and cutting ‎off access to remote villages across parts of the country.‎

His statement is as follows:‎

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful‎

‎“Peace be to you, for your patience” [Holy Quran: 13:24]‎

From the beginning of the devastating floods in our beloved country of Iran and in our ‎brotherly country of Afghanistan, we have raised our hands in prayer to God Almighty and ‎we have been and are praying for all of the people and are in grief due to the pain of our ‎loved ones.‎
‎ ‎
There is no doubt that the existence of the scholars of the country has brought tranquility for ‎the victims.‎

The ability of you loved ones to take the flood victims into consideration with mercy and ‎divine traditions alongside your blessed jihad on the scene of emergency relief will be an ‎effective measure for the suffering of all the injured people. ‎

I hope that the divine patience of the people and the ultimate efforts of the scholars, the ‎authorities and the special assistance of God Almighty will provide the best possible ‎conditions for everyone as soon as possible. God-willing.‎

‎“…Be patient. Indeed God is with the patient” [8:46]‎

Mehdi Hadavi-Tehrani
‎26 Rajab 1440 (2 April, 2019)‎
Mashhad al-Ridha ‎

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