28 March 2019 - 11:03
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Rasa – India’s Aligarh Muslim University celebrated the birth anniversary of Imam Ali as “Ali ‎Day” with great zeal and enthusiasm without any distinction of religion or region.‎

RNA – On March 22nd, a book exhibition was held at Mawlana Azad library at 10:00 am in ‎which some rare manuscripts including the Holy Quran written by Imam Ali were displayed.‎

This book exhibition was inaugurated by Abdul-Hamid, the university registrar.‎

Professor Mahrukh Mirza and Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Urdu, the vice-chancellor of Arabic-‎Persian University in Lucknow were the chief guests of the function which was presided over by ‎the vice chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Professor Tariq Mansour. ‎

Hujjat al-Islam Hadi Walipour was the guest of honour whereas Mawlana Akhtar Abbas Jawn ‎and Professor Farhatullah Khan were the guest speakers and the poets were Professor Ayn ‎al-Hasan, and Sayyed Shohrat Adib.‎

Professor Parvez Qamar Rizvi delivered the welcoming address and Professor Abid Ali Khan, ‎the treasurer of the Ali Society, delivered the vote of thanks.‎

The celebration started at 7:30 pm in Aligarh Muslim University’s Kennedy Auditorium with ‎the recitation of Holy Quran.‎

Addressing the Ali Day commemoration, Professor Tariq Mansour said that “Imam Ali was ‎one of the greatest scientists whose teachings created people like ibn Sina, Omar Khayyam, ‎Jabir ibn Hayyan and others.”‎

This is an institution and the followers of Holy Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali must have ‎a vision like they did. Imam Ali was the gate of knowledge so at least we must enter into ‎that.”‎

Professor Mahrukh Mirza said “There are hundreds of titles of Imam Ali and one of them is ‎‎‘Mawla-ye Kaenat’ [Master of the Universe] which means Imam Ali isn’t limited to any ‎religion, caste and creed but every generous man who knows about him will accept Imam ‎Ali. However, the angle may be different, but not negative.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Hadi Walipour urged AMU students to work for universal brotherhood ‎because this is the basic principle of Islam and said, “If we will look into the life of Imam Ali ‎then, it is full of love, peace, tolerance and large heartedness and brotherhood.”‎
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Addressing the attendees, Mawlana Akhtar Abbas Jawn said “The noble personalities always ‎remain unidentified in their times but when the next generations goes through their lives, then ‎they feels the greatness of that person. The same happened with Imam Ali, but now also ‎the people are unable to understand the character of Imam Ali because people have chosen ‎the person (Imam Ali) and not his mission.”‎

He also mentioned that some global powers wants to eliminate the concept of Religion, but ‎after the struggle of Imam Khomeini the people opened their eyes that the Religion can not ‎only survive but also can lead a nation.”‎

Professor Emeritus Farhatullah Khan affirmed that the vision that Imam Ali presented some ‎two thousand years ago in Nahj al-Balaghah has remained valid today. He also pointed out ‎the letter of Imam Ali to Malik al-Ashtar (the governor of Egypt who was appointed by ‎Imam Ali) in which he said, “Do not stand over them like greedy beasts who feel it is enough ‎to devour them, since they are of two kinds, either your brother in religion or one like you in ‎creation. They will commit slips and encounter mistakes. They may act wrongly, wilfully or ‎by neglect. So, extend to them your forgiveness and pardon, in the same way as you would ‎like God to extend His forgiveness and pardon to you, because you are over them and your ‎responsible Commander (Imam) is over you while God is over him who has appointed you.”‎

Professor Ayn al-Hasan and Sayyed Shohrat Adib presented a poetic tribute to Imam Ali.‎
Sayyed Sajid Husayni presented the annual report of the Ali Society.‎

The programme was conducted by Ash’had Parvez and Sajid Husayni.‎

The winners of the essay, debate, speech and quiz competitions, held to mark Ali Day, were ‎also awarded with prizes.‎

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