18 March 2019 - 01:22
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A seminary research examined:
Hujjat la-Islam Haqjou, saying that Bitcoin isn’t money and it is not supposed to have’ financial basis/support, stressed that “nothing is wrong with Bitcoin according to the Jurisprudence.”

RNA - The thirds scientific session on Bitcoin according to the view of Jurisprudence was held by Aemeh Athar (A) Jurisprudential Centre in the conference hall of the said institute.

Hujjat al-Islam Abd al-Hujjat Haqjou, the researcher of Aemeh Athar (A) Jurisprudential Center, saying that Bitcoin or digital currencies are not required to have financial and governmental basis/support, stated, “Through the jurisprudential studies of the encrypted credits, we stressed that that this topic should generally be discussed at two levels, sale/purchase of such currencies, and their extraction /creation.”

He added, “Bitcoin is a property and it can legally be purchased and sold.”

Saying that encrypted currencies are regarded as reserved goods and properties, the research of Aemeh Athar (A) Jurisprudential Centre said, “Bitcoin is a kind of investment and nothing is wrong with it jurisprudentially, as Imam Khomeini said, “there are two kinds of assets, 1, the asset with specific interests/benefits in essence; 2, the asset with no value in essence but with credential value.”

Quoting Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani he said, “Bitcoin is money, therefore it is required to base on credit and basis, as it is used in the international sphere, though they are not money in our eyes.”


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